Disgraced and Modi-hating Cop Sanjiv Bhatt Arrested in Drug Planting Case

Disgraced and Modi-hating Cop Sanjiv Bhatt Arrested in Drug Planting Case

Sanjiv Bhatt, the disgraced ex-cop from Gujarat has been arrested.  The story of his deeds goes back 22 years back.

In 1996, Sumer Singh Rajpurohit, a lawyer was arrested after 1.5 kg of narcotics were allegedly found from Lajwanti City Hotel in Palanpur.  Upon further investigations, it was found that the lawyer had been abducted from his home in Pali, Rajasthan and the drugs were planted on him by the Palanpur police.  This was done because Rajpurohit was occupying a property which belonged to a relative of Gujarat HC judge, Ramanlal Rajmal Jain.  Rajpurohit was forced to vacate the property due to this case.  The now sacked Police officer Sanjiv Bhatt played a key role in the whole episode.  It was a clear case of framing an innocent man by police.

“It was shockingly mentioned that if the said advocate vacates the property, the Palanpur police would release him from jail in the said narcotics case. In fact, within only three days of Sumer Singh Rajpurohit remaining in police custody, the property was vacated by his brother, and on vacating the property, the Palanpur police filed a report under Section 169 CrPC saying that the person occupying the room at Lajwanti City Hotel where 1.5 kg narcotics was found was not Rajpurohit and that he may be released,” the High Court’s order stated. (source)

Now Sanjiv Bhatt, the disgraced  and sacked ex Gujarat IPS office – whose wife had fought the elections as a Congress candidate in the Gujarat elections in 2012 – has been arrested on the orders of the Gujarat High Court.

Former Gujarat IPS officer Sanjiv Bhatt was today taken into custody over a 1998 case relating to falsely framing a lawyer in a criminal case. Bhatt was taken into custody following directives from the Gujarat High Court.
The Gujarat CID, which took Bhatt into custody, has also detained six other people, including two former police officers. They are all being questioned.

Sanjiv Bhatt has been known to go to any lengths to take shots at Narendra Modi and his Government.  He even indulged in tweets that were decidedly anti-India just to hit at Modi.  He even made some fantastical allegations which were unproved about an investigative journalist who had written a book on 2002 Gujarat riots.

Former IPS officer Sanjiv Bhatt has made explosive allegations against a journalist stating that she made compromises to dilute the role of the then Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi in the 2002 riots.
In a Facebook post titled ‘A little known story from Gujarat’, Sanjiv Bhatt alleged that the young investigative journalist was forced into changing the script of her book for fear of getting shamed publicly for her amorous relationship with an IPS officer.

We have seen how Sanjiv Bhatt and other from the Modi-hating brigade have shamelessly targeted Modi over the years.  Please read – Shameless Targeting of Narendra Modi.

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