Dr. Singh's Dishonest and Gutter Politics!

Dr. Singh, India’s PM is an enigmatic person.  He seems honest but some statements he makes, specially at election times, are downright asinine!  He has never been elected.

He fought only one election which he lost.  That was from West Delhi.  He made a speech there where he is reported to have said that the 1984 massacres (mind you they were NOT riots but massacre of a community by a political party!) were the handiwork of RSS!!  Now, everyone who had even the most basic sense in 1984 and was in Delhi would know that those massacres had NOTHING to do with religion (that is why I have a strong exception to the phrase "Hindu-Sikh" riots because no body went killing a Sikh saying "I am a Hindu so I will kill a Sikh today!").. and least of all RSS!

Everyone of those who masterminded it were Congress party honchos!  In fact one of them – JD Tytler – actually was a Union Minister in Dr. Singh’s cabinet!  And what role did Rajiv Gandhi play?  Same as that of Narendra Modi played in Gujarat riots; i.e.; he slept while his friends and cronies killed people from one particular community without hindrance ..in fact the police did NOT intervene in BOTH the circumstances..and were actually participating in the mayhem!  And after the bloodbath was over.. BOTH justified the massacres!

Now, who is the one villified by the careerist activists?  Why may I ask? While the Best Bakery case was being so eagerly contested and the Saffronists being made the general villains, the victims of 1984 were seeing their last hopes of justice being dashed to the grounds and no one to listen to them!  I never saw Arundhati or Teesta or Rahul Bose write a single Op-ed on those poor widows from Delhi!

Dr. Singh’s loyalty has been unflinching to THAT very family which was responsible for the religious mess for last so many decades.. nation and minorities be damned!  Here is another statement now that he has made regarding the Punjab election.  The reference is unmistakeably to be interpreted in the context of the terrorism in 1980’s by the Khalistanis.  And it seems clear to anyone with even a little sense of Punjabi history that it is a complete mockery of bare minimum integrity in political arena!  The VERY party which gave birth to the terrorism in Punjab – Indira Gandhi was the mentor for Bhindranwala and everyone knows it – is trying to tell OTHERS that THEY will bring in terrorism???

National Executive of the CPI Joginder Dayal took strong exception to the statements of Dr. Singh, who is reported to have warned the people that terrorism could return to the State if, instead of the Congress, those forces that believed in communal and divisive ideologies were voted to power.
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