Envelope in Deep Gratitude for the Universal Symphony

Envelope in Deep Gratitude for the Universal Symphony

Yesterday, a friend talked about the value of gratitude in life and even more importantly on the spiritual journey. Gratitude he talked of is not the “Thank you” platitudes but real gratitude where you are one with the entity you are grateful to and for. If you understand that “you” are the extension of everything, then there is immense gratitude. Everything that comes to you – from your lifegiving breath to food to your clothes to the very way the body runs (and not break down) – is all worthy of gratitude.

We somehow assume that if we give money and buy the food from a farmer, we have repaid him. But have we really? Can the toil, the 24/7/365 caring of the plants and the fields that he took really worth that money? One piece of tomato would have taken amazing amount of effort from the farmer to bring it to the state it is in. Not just the farmer. Even the nature has worked wonders in that process. Are a few coins enough consideration?

If the nature broke down today and forgot to process the tomato plant or the farmer just put things in auto-mode – then would we be as lucky?

Do we have any feeling of gratitude for the entire symphony of elements that have brought the tomato to our plate? Hardly ever.. right?

If we carefully look at our lives, we will realize that there is nothing in our lives that is not to be grateful for. Yet, we keep going to “God” asking for more.

Prayers are merely an effort in begging. We beg. Nothing ever satisfies us. Prayers should have been the time for us to express our deepest gratitude for everything that has come our way without asking. But we have yet to get to that point! We are so busy asking – and “God” interestingly humors us by relentlessly giving us what we want… that we never even realize that enough is enough! We now need to thank.

We have been begging and usurping far too long. When will we ever get to PRAY? Really Pray! When will we be able to thank the entire Universe and every element of it that we couldn’t be without its symphony.

This Symphony is the Dharma (the cosmic law) and our Gratitude is the prayer to the limitless. The real Prayer.

As we enter our New years, lets envelope ourselves in deep gratitude for this symphony.

Featured Image: Pixabay

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