Equality is a Sickness, Diversity is the Cosmic Nature!

Equality is a Sickness, Diversity is the Cosmic Nature!

The idea of equality is actually a very regressive and an offensive idea if you truly look at it.

No two things – even amoebas – are the same.  Even two leaves on the same branch are different.  Because they have their own imprint and characteristics.  It is because no two things are same, that we have a world full of diversity and beauty.

There is no equality between the roots of a tree and the leaves.  There shouldn’t be.  For, if it was so, there would be no tree!  Leaves serve a purpose and roots server another purpose.

That is how any society is.  No two people are similar.  They have different characteristics and different strengths.  Society ‘rewards” people differently depending on the times and the economic structure that the economy is in.  There was a time when a trader was very rich.  Today, someone who has a great technology idea and the means and ability to execute is the richest man.  Times change.   Back then, the guy who invented the wheel – the prevalent technology – was not probably the richest one around.   Making everyone be the same, eat the same, behave the same and earn the same is fool’s Utopian dream – which is what the Communists were!

In this world of diversity and different means and abilities, society functions.  While for those who can spend, there are multi-billion dollar homes in India, there are also flats in the same city for much cheaper for those who can afford that much.

For those who can fly, there are airplanes.  Those who cannot afford, there are bullock carts.  Or cycles – like for PK Mahanandia who rode a cycle from Odisha in India to Sweden to meet the woman he loved because he couldn’t afford the plane ticket!

Because there are people like Mahanandia, who cannot afford the flight tickets, should flights have never started in India?  Is it a wasteful expenditure to build airports in India, where there are millions of Mahanandias?

That would surely be a travesty!  Because there are several entrepreneurs and people who can afford and much of India’s forex business happens because of such flights!  Because we have millions of Mahanandias in India is not a good enough reason to make India completely and fully a country of Mahanandias!  if commerce and growth is not given impetus, that is precisely what will happen.

That is why Communism failed.  Communists sought to bring equality.  When such a thing does not, cannot and in fact should NOT happen naturally!   In pursuit of bringing equality, FORCEFULLY, the Communists created instead power centers with hierarchies.  The distribution was not equal in the society – as access to power and moneys depended on proximity to power – but the refrain to the most others was that poverty amongst the masses is a sign of equality.

Since Equality is NOT a normal or natural state of ANY part of existence, let along a human society – ANY society.  When such a thing becomes the ONLY goal – however lofty the ideal.  It has to be achieved by force.  There is a natural disdain for equality in the Cosmic Existence.  The Physical Cosmos loathes Equality.  In a state of Equality Physical cannot exist!

So, in a Cosmos that repels Equality, when that becomes the central aim of any group of humans, the only way to achieve that is via force.  And, force against something that is existentially not allowed by Cosmos, needs focus and cover-up.  So, Communists have always had very small power centers, which have extended favors in a very close and secretive ways.  What if the nature – human nature here –  strikes back?!

In a Cosmic existence, where absence in physical equality is guaranteed, a society can never be built for one-size-fits-all.  From Silk Route to the Large Ships to the Pyramids to the Great Trading corporations – they all were built by the rich.. for the rich.  But the whole economy enjoyed the fruits.  Britain was a poor island before its traders colonized far off lands and looted their riches.  East India Company was manned by rich and powerful people with contacts.  Indian posting was diffcult.  But over decades, Britain as a society because one of the richest!

The poor didn’t make that happen.  If the society was built for the poor, such a change in its fortunes was impossible!

Everyone loves to hate the Indian Caste system.  Specially those who call for Equality.  Little realizing that the call for Equality is the first step to all the damnation that the rigid “caste system” brought for the poor.

Let us take a moment to understand.

The best – BY FAR the best – assurance for poor to have a shot at transforming their situation in life and their family is the presence of tools that help in social mobility.  If there are tools and ways where one can make progress and reach another level of wealth, and these tools are freely available.  Then rigidity and damnation of will not result from the social differences.  Equal shot at the opportunities and equal rule of law is the bedrock for the tools for social mobility.  Anyone who has the initiative and the hard work to get there, should be able to access and profitably use the tools for development.

If, however, those tools are absent, then rigidity and damnation are a given!

Before India was invaded, it boasted of several large universities in many areas of knowledge.  Places like Pushpagiri, Taxila and Nalanda.  These – along with hundreds of Ashrams – provided the tools for mobility.  People with ability – of whatever background they may have been – got a chance to excel in the subject of their choice.

Quite like the Universities in today’s world.

But when education is taken away, the single-most important tool for mobility is taken away.  At that point, diversity can not find its full expression!

In the Communist world, it is worse.  Not only are the kids dictated by the State on what they should do (was common for State to decide the vocation of kids in schools in USSR and China!) but after the education, the institutions do not reward or use merit as the basis for future growth.  The fetish for Equality is so strong that it is imposed via cutting all the wings of human aspiration.  A Caste system – far moe rigid and damning is installed on the people – in the name of Equality.

The problem with the Indian mentality is that the idea of Equality – with little regard for the social ethos of a civilization that has always celebrated diversity – has been inflicted like a virulent bacteria by the Leftist and Socialist powers that be starting from the time of independence.

That is why whenever India’s government comes up with a lofty ideals.  Like Space Program or Atomic program or large projects or new Train systems or new projects that will introduce new industries – the critics throw in the diseased argument infected with the fetish of “equality” – how will it help the poor and needy?

It is another matter that the critics of the last ideas are now enjoying their benefits while criticizing the new ones.  There were many people who criticized and even abused me for my articles arguing for the construction of the Bullet Train in India, which I did based on Empirical studies of impact of such projects on the GDP and the history of past projects and the criticisms.  Their strongest argument was – Why Bullet Train in a Poor country like India?  Of course, these same people unabashedly use their latest expensive Smartphones, cars, and gadgets.  None of which were conceived or created for the poor of India.  But they have no issues typing such ‘concern for poor’ on their Rs 70,000 Apple iPhone!

Their hypocrisy aside, they have yet to come to terms with the natural law of existence.  Nature has made Oxygen for them and Carbon-di-oxide for the trees.  If nature had provided only oxygen to begin with and banned Co2 completely, trees would have not existed and neither would have Oxygen.  Different forms and lives have different needs.  Poor need food.  Food needs land and money.  Money needs commerce.  Commerce needs convenience, connectivity and infrastructure.  Take out the latter and food will not happen for poor.  Increase in GDP is the best way to ensure food for poor!

Equality, which wants all humans to have the same and be the same – like Racism – is a sickness of mind.  For equality and racism are always per the least common denominator not based on the highest human aspiration!

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