Ex-Chiefs criticize Gen VK Singh; Lone fighter targeted by Impotent ex-Army “leaders” who let the Army personnel down

General VK Singh: The Lone Fighter

In a recent rally, ex-Indian Army Chief Gen VK Singh had called for dissolution of the Parliament and gheraoing the building to support the sugarcane farmers.

Some of the former Chiefs and seniors in the Army have come against it.  Gen Deepak Kapoor, who was the Army Chief before Gen VK Singh says:

“It is not befitting of an ex-army chief to indulge in such activities. Even after retirement, he is looked upon by the serving people as their ex-chief and such things do not seem good.”
“The Parliament is a supreme body in a functioning democracy of ours and cannot and should not be held hostage on any issue,” Singh’s predecessor Gen Deepak Kapoor said

Others like Gen VP Malik have also found it “inappropriate”.

Lone fighter

The story of Indian Army in the last few decades is the legacy of the fight between SAm Maneckshaw and Indira Gandhi.  Somehow, the political and intellectual class in India has convinced the Defense Personnel of India that they are sacrificial lions, who will be hauled up and down the altar at the behest of the politician.  No matter what the politician wants these fighters to do.

The politicians sent them to Haji Pir, they went.  Suffered numerous casualties.  And then one day were asked to leave everything and return back.  Simply.  And they DID!

The Army kept telling the Government about the Chinese invasion was likely, the politicians mocked the Army and made them pay with their blood. (read – Congress Betrayal: How Nehru and Krishna Menon conspired against India in run upto the 1961 Indo-China War)

Rajiv Gandhi first messed up in Sri Lanka and then sent our own troops there to be massacred.

The Pakistani policy of India is reactive and rudderless and when they do terror attacks or surreptitiously enter the country’s border, the Army is asked to fight by tying its hands behind its back as was the case in Kargil.

The last Army Chief with a spine, and who stood up against the arbitrary decisions of the politicians, was Sam Maneckshaw.  And he was made into an example (Field Marshall Sam Maneckshaw – the man, the times and his character) by destroying his legacy at the end of his life.  The funeral of the First Field Marshal of India was deliberately avoided by the political class and the top Army brass followed suit! (Humiliation of Indian Army and Lt. Col. Purohit phenomenon – Part 3)

These Army Chiefs who are pointing fingers at Gen VK Singh have – despite the odds stacked against the Army – seen the Pay Commission treat their fellow fighters and the people they led be treated like dirt.  In salary scales an Army rank is at least TWO scales below the comparable rank in Indian Police Service!!

Gen VK Singh was the first “lone fighter” after the first Field Marshal who had the spine and the balls to stand up to the nonsense of the Political class.  To dismiss his stand and work during and after his tenure as the Army Chief as his one off reaction is to fool oneself.  I have discussed and read about this issue of disgruntlement in the Defense personnel – both, serving and retired – and I can say very categorically that Gen VK Singh represents a view of a substantially large number of Defense personnel – if not the majority.

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