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The Phony Cacophony of Our Hashtag Morality

Political correctness is shrill these days.  The faux morality on display is created by media.  Media, which wants attention, even when there is not enough merit, plays up sides and two positions.  This or That.  There are no greys and there are no go-betweens.  There is no such thing as

24 Oct 15 2 min read

Ex-Chiefs criticize Gen VK Singh; Lone fighter targeted by Impotent ex-Army “leaders” who let the Army personnel down

General VK Singh: The Lone FighterIn a recent rally, ex-Indian Army Chief Gen VK Singh had called for dissolution [] of the Parliament and gheraoing the building to support the sugarcane farmers. Some of the former Chiefs and seniors in the

04 Nov 12 2 min read

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