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High Court verdict on Army Promotions of 22 Generals: a VERY SERIOUS blow to future of Indian Army

This thing is extremely serious for the future of Indian Army.  In this case, 22 Major Generals were promoted to the rank of Lt. Generals during Gen. VK Singh’s time – using the new rules that he created over-ruling the rules applied to promotions that were set in 1987.

Now, two generals, who lost out in that went to the civilian court and the High Court has struck down the promotions of the 22 Lt. Generals as illegal!  Some of these were to be Army Commanders in the short future and are at the highest levels of the Army.

So, if their promotion is taken away and they still remain in the Army, we will have a LARGE contingent of disgruntled senior most officers.  If they leave, we will have a hole in the Army that is impossible to be filled up any time soon.  Either way, those two Generals who took this matter to court, and High Court which in the name of justice has come out with its judgment – have done incalculable harm to the Army.

Maybe Gen. VK Singh wasn’t right.  Maybe those two Generals did deserve to be up there, but once the thing has been done, to preserve the honor and the disciple in the Army, the Ministry of Defense should have found another way to handle this.  Instead the Government – through omission and/or commission has thought it fit to hit a blow at General VK Singh’s legacy for purely political reasons while jeopardizing the future of Indian Defense.

This is very serious folks.  It will haunt India for a long time to come.  I hope not, but I suspect it will weaken the Indian Army is ways we cannot think of.  The rot has set.