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Ex MPs given 7 days to vacate bungalows – power, water, gas to be cut in 3 days!

In another action that will hit the egos and hurt the sentiments of the entitled Lutyen’s crowd, the Government is cracking down on the errant ex-MPs who think they are above all the rules and laws.  No more.

The last Lok Sabha was dissolved by the President on May 25th.  After that, the old set of MPs, who were living in official housing, had to vacate those premises.  But such is their entitlement that even after repeated requests they have not vacated their bungalows.

Now, the Lok Sabha Housing Committee has cracked the whip.  All the ex-MPs – 200 of them – who should have vacated have been given a week to vacate the accommodation.  In 3 days, the power, water, and gas connections will be shut down!

The rules are that the former MPS need to vacate their bungalows within a month of the dissolution of the previous Lok Sabha.

Because of how the old entrenched powers that be are exercising their entitlement, it has meant that the new MPs have been living in temporary housing now.  Which is unfair to them.