‘Gatekeeper’ to Pope Francis found dead 7 months pregnant in outskirts of Rome!

‘Gatekeeper’ to Pope Francis found dead 7 months pregnant in outskirts of Rome!

Miriam Wuolou, a 34-year-old of Eritrean origin, was a receptionist at Pope Francis’ home and also a guesthouse for priests called Domus Santa Marta.  In fact, the Italian press reports say that she was like a gatekeeper for the Pope.  Daily Beast says:

She was the smiling face he saw morning and night, the one who greeted him with his key and handed him his personal messages.

After his appointment in 2013 as Pope, the Pontiff was living in the Santa Marta guesthouse as opposed his Papal apartments.

Pope Francis' quarters' receptionist Miriam Wuolou has been found dead - 7 months pregnant! Quite Fishy? #CatholicChurch #Vatican Click To Tweet

Now, the police have found Miriam dead in her apartment in Pisana, the outskirts of Pisana.  She was 7 months pregnant!

As the investigations have started, interestingly asked for by the Vatican, one wonders if the truth and facts will ever come out.  There will be a DNA test for the paternity of the child, but will it reveal the truth?

The Vatican, however, has called for an investigation into the woman’s death. Police have interviewed her brother, her ex-husband and her most recent boyfriend, who is believed to be a policeman employed by the Vatican, the Italian newspaper Il Messaggero reports. (source)

Vatican has been known for sex scandals and escapades all through history (read Pope Borgia and Sex Obsessed Vatican World).  So, it is not surprising that the world outside, except for the hard-core believers, expect something awry in the sudden death (or murder?) of the main gatekeeper to Pope’s quarters while she was 7 month’s pregnant!

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