Hinduphobic Congress fearful of Sanatan Dharma ‘Coming Back’ if Modi Wins

Hinduphobic Congress fearful of Sanatan Dharma ‘Coming Back’ if Modi Wins

Congress has always from day one been anti-Hindu.  Any pretense was just that – a pretense.  Here, the leader of Congress in the Parliament is saying that if Modi comes, Sanatan Dharma will make a comeback.  For a moment, please ruminate on this premise.  Beyond the politics of being opposed to RSS and BJP, there is an inherent fear and antagonism against Hinduism or Sanatan Dharma itself within Congress.

The reverse also needs to be asked – If Congress comes, will it ensure that Sanatan Dharma is destroyed?

Its “Temple Tourism” notwithstanding, the truth is that the reverse of Kharge’s assertion is true.  We will look at it deeply and factually in another post.  But the positing of Congress’ ideological ways is clear in this assertion.

And, by the assertion, Kharge is also asserting that Congress is set to destroy the religion and way of life for 80% of Indians!  When a party is against 80% of Indians inherently and by its own admission, how can it ever stand for India?

Go figure!

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