How Ideological Fanatics are Desecrating the Spiritual Environment of Sabarimala

How Ideological Fanatics are Desecrating the Spiritual Environment of Sabarimala

Rules and rituals in any ancient temple are governed by Agama shastras (read about them here).  Treatises which go into the energy consecrated and the geometry of the place.  It is a place where energy is used – via prana prathistha (establishing the life force) – to deliver a certain ambiance and environment.   Sabarimala is one such place.  Some temples are off limits to men and some to women.  Not because of any idea of discrimination, but because the Agama way of that place was so designed.  It would work only for certain type of people and may cause harm at more subtler levels than physical to others.

If you think this discussion of consecrated energy is some hokey-pokey, then please refer to the experiments by William Tiller, the scientist at Stanford who experimented with using intention established by Buddhist Monks to change the pH value of water in the vicinity of a device “energized” by them.  That is the most rudimentary level of consecration.

In the wake of the Supreme Court decision on Sabarimala, there is now an entire movement by those women who have no interest or link with the deity and the temple to go and enter it by force.  Just to prove a point.

Libi CS is an atheist.  She has no interest in Sabarimala or the deity.  And where the whole pilgrimage was a special endeavor where the devotee would observe 45 days of certain Sadhana before setting forth to Sabarimala, now anyone and everyone is trying to enter the place, not out of devotion but out of arrogance and aim to insult.

Libi tried to go to Sabarimala – with this message.

“Friends, four of us are leaving to Sabarimala today, which includes atheists like me and two devotees. I am not going to Sabarimala because I have any wish to do so.”

She was blocked by the devotees of Lord Ayappa.

On the other hand, Kerala’s Finance minister is calling the protesting devotees of Lord Ayappa against what they feel is desecration of their place of devotion – as terrorists.

The Kerala government has already done lathi-charge and injured and hit people – men and women while they protested – converting the place into a war zone.

There comes a time when one has to stand for the subtler aspects of life.  Those that are not in everyone’s experience but have been the backbone of India’s spiritual history.  Immense work has been done in this regard.  By beings who were giants amongst humans.

That work is not easily accessible to all.  Nor can it be demonstrated and shown to all.  It is do with the journey within.  It is imperative that those who – even due to tradition – uphold those principles dear so that one day more giants can spring up and share their work with the world can be heard.

Above the din of perfidious and uneducated (in tradition and spiritual ways) Supreme court of India and the many ideologically fanatical “activists”.

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