How Modi Brilliantly Played with Pakistani Proxies on Balakot Proof!

How Modi Brilliantly Played with Pakistani Proxies on Balakot Proof!

The greatest fun is when you know what your adversary is going to do and you let him do that while making plans for the eventuality that he will do exactly that!  India’s opposition – which clearly seems to be on a hot line with Pakistan’s ISI – is doing just that.  And, Modi had it all factored in.

After the Surgical Strikes, the opposition, journalists and “intellectuals” in India – who are clearly either on the payroll of Pakistan or have high enough affinity to take talking points from their ISPR – asked one question again and again – “Give the proof”.

Now, Surgical Strikes were a different thing.  The whole operation was very secretive and had a certain element of surprise and many ingress and egress ways for the different groups which went in.  Its “proof” could not have been shared.  And, that is what the Pakistanis and their proxies in India played up.

Until Uri came.

After that the masses did not need any proof.  The record breaking collections that the movie got said it all.

So, Modi and Doval team is at least that smart that it would know the obvious question after the attack – “Give the proof”.

And, therefore, they more than adequately prepared for it.  How?  It seems everyone was focusing on the Mirage-2000 fighters which had gone their and the AWACS early warning aircrafts which were there and the refuelling aircraft.  But missed one detail which was shared almost everywhere.  The Heron drone.

The “eye in the sky,” the Heron Unmanned Aerial vehicle (UAV), was also up in the air for monitoring and assessment of the target. The IAF has not shared details of damage assessment which would have been evaluated on the basis of images captured by Heron UAV.

Now remember, Heron drone is not the type you buy at Walmart.  But state of the art, highly sophisticated system developed by Israel.  Just read.

The Heron can carry an array of sensors, including thermographic camera (infrared) and visible-light airborne ground surveillance, intelligence systems (COMINT and ELINT) and various radar systems, totaling up to 250 kg (550 lb). The Heron is also capable of target acquisition and artillery adjustment.
The payload sensors communicate with the ground control station in real time, using either direct line of sight data link, or via an airborne/satellite relay. Like the navigation system, the payload can also be used in either a fully pre-programmed autonomous mode, or manual real-time remote operation, or a combination of both.

With that sophisticated a drone equipped with state of the art cameras which can take thermo-graphic imagery, do you think it was sent all the way by Indian airforce just for the heck of it?

Modi knew what he was up against.  And what he would need in his back-pocket.  Back-pocket, you see.  In case someone still wanted to play the same card.  And like the boring record and idiots who love to collectively want to jump into the ditch, they did!

And, no one could have been happier than Modi himself.  He had correctly calculated the amount of payments by the ISI to the internal proxies and they didn’t disappoint.  Through the last few days, he has refused to “give the proof”.

Just so that these proxies can hang themselves with the rope that Modi was all too happy to extend.  From the TV shows to articles in India and abroad, the old establishment has been at the same tune.  And, Modi has been raising the pitch against this treasonous ways.  And the more they say, the shriller they sound, the meaner they become, their hatred for India as a corollary for Modi-hatred becomes more and more clearer to all Indians.  If they had a problem with Modi taking away the elections from them on the strength of these air strikes, then they have no idea how spectacularly they have helped him.

And, yesterday Major Gaurav Arya sounded a warning bell.  Albeit a bit too late for these morons.

And he then shared the information that National Technical Research Organisation (NTRO) had gathered before the attack. And, per their information 300 mobile phones, including those of the handlers of Adil Dar, were active in that compound before the attack.

Mind you, that NTRO is the premier technical intelligence agency and group in India.  It is a super-feeder agency that gives technical intelligence to all the intelligence and law enforcement agencies on internal and external security.  They know what they are doing.

What is NTRO: The National Technical Research Organisation is a technical intelligence Agency under the National Security Advisor in the Prime Minister’s Office, India. It was set up in 2004. It also includes National Institute of Cryptology Research and Development, which is first of its kind in Asia.

NTRO’s roadmap was created by the legendary Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam himmself in October 2001 after the fiasco of Kargil which happened due to major intelligence gaps.  It has developed great technological capabilities in the fields of aviation and remote sensing, data gathering and processing, cyber security, cryptology systems, strategic hardware and software development as well as strategic monitoring.

Journalists are now sharing the news.  How many were killed is now coming together.

Another one from an ABP guy.

And, then here is India TV’s Rajat Sharma sharing the information in detail.  Its political team is now lead by Jayanta Ghoshal, who had broken several original stories including how India prepared for Pokharan-II tests in 1998 and also the resignation of Raghuram Rajan in 2016 as RBI Governor.

One of the interesting things that Manish Prasad shares is regarding the movements of the ISI officials from Mirpur to the Balakot camp on Jaba hill – a distance of less than two hours.  All this was mapped via the pings of their mobiles.  These mobiles were in the camp when it was demolished.

And, Modi has yet not given the real information.  Whether he will give or not is immaterial.  The reality is that it should not be given.  But enough will be given this time for the naysayers to shut up.  But of course not before they have played the precise game he was sure they will play.

In all his speeches – whether at the India Today Conclave or the election ones, he has ensured that he is turning the masses against anyone who is even daring to ask the proof from the Indian Armed forces.  Once the masses are clear about the nature of these cretins who have been playing proxies of Pakistan’s ISI, he will ensure that they are nailed on the very crosses they had erected to crucify him.

Time to sit back and enjoy the spectacle that everyone waited for in a movie with those dark villains – the scene that they are finally beaten up nice and proper as everyone jumps up in joy.  The incredible thing is that Modi’s campaign has ensured that when they are publicly humiliated, everyone will be cheering their insults.  As it should be.

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