How Rahul Kanwal Owns a Lutyens Loyalist over Battle of Saragarhi and the Kesari movie

How Rahul Kanwal Owns a Lutyens Loyalist over Battle of Saragarhi and the Kesari movie

These days the fanaticism of the Anti-Modi brigade’s hatred for BJP or RSS for every issue shows up like the proverbial slip of a girl lacking discretion.  The problem is that this Modi hatred has now extended to hating India itself.  We had discussed this earlier as well – Modi Hatred to India Hatred – Congress Game Plan to Break India.

Rahul Kanwal owns KC Singh on former's praise of #Kesari as Singh bares his Modi-hatred turned India-hatred. Worth reflecting. Click To Tweet

We had also discussed how Hinduphobic bigotry is being sold in India in the cloak of political opposition – Is Self Righteous Anti-Hindu Bigotry the new normal for Indian Secularism?

Here comes an interesting incident of twitter conversation on the movie Kesari.  This movie is about one of the most magnificent battles ever fought in the anals of history – the Battle of Saragarhi fought in the year 1897.  On 12th of Sept 1897, 21 Sikhs took on 10,000 Afghani Pathans on the battlefield.

Fort Saragarhi was in the NWFP (North Western Frontier Province).  It was a small communication post used to relay messages between two major military forts – Gullistan and Lockhardt.

Here is the official trailer of the movie.

As Kesari has just been released yesterday, Rahul Kanwal praised it and the work of Akshay as well as Karan Johar, who owns the production company for Kesari, Dharma Productions.

It was a pretty routine fan reaction, albeit by a popular journalist, for a well made movie which happens to be on a subject that should be a thing of national pride for every Indian.

To this an ex Indian Foreign Service veteran, KC Singh, got all riled up.  To him, someone (a journalist from Lutyens Delhi) whom he perhaps counted on as “being in their camp”, had betrayed the very basics of “Secularism”.  He had praised a movie that brought out the nationalist sentiment in an era of BJP.  So it was all bad.  Aside:  One forgets how Manoj Kumar’s entire set of movies would be about nationalist subjects and portray Nehru as some kind of demi-God (remember the song “Dulhan Chali”?).  No one had anything to say about that ever.

So KC Singh reprimanded him:

The once obedient lieutenant of Lutyens turned independent (read rogue) retorted back with exactly what this tweet was really about.

It was really about the Modi-hatred which has turned into India hatred.

Battle of Saragarhi was an epic battle.  It should have been in our history books and taught to every kid growing up.  Yet, it took Akshay Kumar to talk about it in a movie for us to even get acquainted with a piece of history that was our own and show-cased a quality that humans have rarely possessed.  21 taking on 10,000 is no ordinary battle.  It is what epics are made of.

KC Singh represents the dispensation and the mind-set which kept this epic battle out of the national view.  Why?  Perhaps because for them once the people turn nationalist, they can no longer tolerate the snake-oil that is sold by the masters of KC Singh.  He is a pawn, and he has been an obedient one all his life.  The tentacles and the power of the “masters” are spawned by such pawns.

The whole eco-system is now being threatened because REAL (and hidden) Indian history is coming out in all the different fora. You see, it was hidden, not erased. Bravery like the one that the sands of Saragarhi were witness to, can never be erased.  No matter how much the KC Singhs or their masters ordain.

Such courage transcends life and remains etched in the bosom of this planet!

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