How Secularists Backed Looting and Plunder of India does not violate Idea of India

How Secularists Backed Looting and Plunder of India does not violate Idea of India

These days 600 theater artists have come together to write a letter to the Indian citizens that they should not vote for BJP because apparently in their high wisdome “idea of India is under threat“.  Some prominent artists are – Amol Palekar, Arundhati Nag, Naseeruddin Shah, MK Raina, Kavitha Lankesh, Konkona Sen Sharma and Lillette Dubey.  Remember their names well.

While these #600Hypocrites campaign against Modi, Mamata Bannerjee was busy looting common people, covering it and arresting CBI. Only one to stand up against her was - Modi. Go figure! Click To Tweet

While these 600 theater drama people are agitating against BJP, there has been a consistent dismantling of the democratic structures by the opposition and an attempt to thwart law enforcement who try to investigate rampant and unchallenged looting and plunder of Indian citizens!

Let us go back and take a look at just ONE of the set of events where the very integrity and basic foundation of India was at stake.

Mamata Bannerjee and West Bengal Police Commissioner Rajeev Kumar had worked to arrest the officials from CBI who had come interrogate the Police Commissioner.  What followed at that time – with the drama by Mamata Bannerjee – was not just shameful but a complete dismantling of very basics of democracy.  And no one even come out to call that out.  The CBI men were arrested by the police of one state of the Indian Union!

Threat to democracy

As the issue went to the Supreme Court, the Court ordered the Police Commissioner to cooperate with the investigation by the CBI, albeit in Shillong.

The Chief Justice of India said that the apex court will direct Rajeev Kumar to co-operate with the investigation. SC, however, said that Kumar should not be arrested in the case nor should any other coercive action be taken against him. CJI said that Kumar, should meet CBI officials in Shilliong. (source)

And, later when the Supreme Court perused the report by CBI what the Indian Chief Justice said should make every Indian pause and think through the whole timeline and set of events that had happened.  One needs to go back to February and think why that had even happened?  If the Supreme Court finds something “very very serious”, why is that the Chief Minister was backing that dirty cop and even stooped to arrest the CBI officials who had come to interrogate him?

Terming the CBI’s status report on the interrogation of former Kolkata Commissioner Rajeev Kumar in the Saradha chit fund scam “very, very serious”, the Supreme Court Tuesday asked the probe agency to file an application within 10 days to press its charges.
“There are some things in it which are very serious,” a three-judge bench headed by Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi said. The bench, which also comprises Justices Deepak Gupta and Sanjiv Khanna, further said as the CBI’s status report was filed in a sealed cover, it cannot pass any order at the moment without hearing the other side. (source)

Why is it that something as serious as arrest of CBI officials who merely wanted to question a Dirty Cop was turned around as a conspiracy of coup and no one even said anything about how the very idea of India was in danger?

When the states start actively and aggressively arresting investigative and law enforcement agencies because of rampant corruption by the State Governments themselves who looted crores from its own citizens and they were not even allowed to utter a word!!

Such has been the level of anarchy and persecution of common Indians, and yet the idea of India was not at stake.  Only when the elections are here, the idea is in danger.  But even more than those useless drama artists, what is even more important that even the ordinary citizens did not stand up to even notice what was really in danger for their own future.

Let me put it clearly here – the silence of everyone at that time was to

  • bolster the idea that ordinary citizens could be looted with a Ponzi scheme even when there were clear warnings,
  • when the victims protested, they could be silenced and persecuted
  • when the Central investigative agencies came to interrogate the officials, those very dirty State Government officials who plundered the hard earned money of the common citizens, could be arrested with complete impunity
  • when Supreme court perused the final interrogation which the police commissioner was pushed into by the highest court in India, it termed the contents as “very very serious”

In short, no matter what the crime by the State Government, as long as that party is against Narendra Modi and BJP, and no matter how anarchist the action by the State Government – it is all kosher.  Such is masochistic hypocrisy of the Indian intellectuals today.  One is even ashamed to call such people as intelligent or co-citizens!  For they rejoice in high crimes against the very poor and weak!  Heck, they back those up.

When those 600 hypocrite artists are frothing from their mouths against Modi, his Government was trying to fight for the common man. On the other hand, Mamata Bannerjee’s government was busy looting the common man, covering it up and then arresting the investigative agencies. Let us sit back and reflect at what is at stake in this elections – hounds who won’t stop at tearing apart the flesh of poor to devour them and these intellectuals who will abet them by their silence and shout at those who stand up to these sick hounds!

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