How Spectacularly JNU Students Screw the Indian taxpayers – a Primer

How Spectacularly JNU Students Screw the Indian taxpayers – a Primer

India and its taxpayers have been held hostage in the name of high-sounding ideals sans any foundation, for far too long.  And that is why it behooves the people to open their eyes and look at things with complete clarity.

Students of Jawaharlal Nehru University are up in arms, again!  Why?  Because their lodging rents have been increased in hostels located in prime Delhi location from Rs 20 per month (28 cents) to Rs 600 per person per month ($8.45) and for double occupancy, it has gone up from a ridiculously low rate of 15 cents to $4.22.  This is in a location where outside of the university, one-bedroom rents range from Rs. 10,000 ($140) to Rs 50,000 ($700).

And the whole JNU student body is up in arms with the argument that their education is being attacked.

The fact is that the students of JNU have long been free-loaders on the taxpayers of India and have enjoyed far too much patronage as compared to students in any other university in India.

Here are some facts that will clearly and logically bring it out.  But before we go over to the facts about JNU, let us see overall India numbers as published by the University Grants Commission (UGC).

Across India, the number of research or M.Phil and Ph.D. students are less than 1% of the total students in the Universities.

Now, with this as the basis, let us look at the real picture from JNU.

The total students in JNu are roughly 8000.

Of these, 57% of students are enrolled in Social Sciences, Language, Literature and Arts – 4578 in number.  15% are in International studies.

While 1% of the total students across Indian Universities are pursuing M.Phil and Ph.D.; in JNU, the numbers are totally bizarre.  55% of all the students in JNU are doing M.Phil and Ph.D.

Which means one of two things:

  1. Either JNU students, with such a large body of Ph.D. enrollments, are doing some cutting edge research, or
  2. They get free benefits that make everyone come in from a “free lunch”

The output of these “research” students tells a tale that makes the decision between the above two options fairly straight forward.

Here are the number of articles published in journals.  One is not clear of which journals these articles were published in though.

Per student, number of articles published in a year is 0.22.  Not even a quarter of students publish even ONE article in a journal in an ENTIRE year!  That is the great research work being done.  But hey, no published works is no barrier to being invited to “international seminars and conferences”.

Every year, each student in JNU attends 0.45 seminars or conferences.  Or in other words, half of all the students are attending international seminars and conferences every year.

But wait, aren’t they poor and underprivileged with not even enough to pay Rs 300 a month for their lodging?  How do these research students go for such conferences?  On whose money?

And, why the heck would ANY conference or seminar call students from a group where these researchers have not even published a serious article in a peer-reviewed journal for years?

Well, the chances are that taxpayers are paying for these foreign jaunts as well.  The common man may not be able to pay for his/her own vacation, but he is generous enough to pay for the jaunts and lifestyle of JNU’s poor, underprivileged students so they can have a carefree life.

How much are you paying for JNU students

Want to see how much you all are paying for JNU students?

Total grants for 8000 students of JNU come to Rs 352 crores per year!  That is every student gets Rs 4,40,000 a year ($6200).  A student who pays a whopping $1.80 – that is ONE dollar and 80 cents – a year for lodging!

The total expenditure on JNU is Rs 556 crores – or Rs 6,95,000 per student per year!

Now, think about it for a moment.  Let those numbers and performances sink in.

Poor students, Really?

Would you rather spend that money as a taxpayer on your own family or on these free-loading, good for nothing, under-performing, entitled, over-age imbeciles who have little contribution to the society?

For example, this lady who has been protesting against the rate hike. (she has since locked her tweets)

Just for context, a Redmi Note 6 Pro price earlier this year was Rs 16000.  Just saying.  If she can buy that phone, she can surely pay Rs 300 for her room.  Right?

Conclusion – Prank is on you Indians, smile!

Sometimes no one has to tell you that you are being screwed.  You have to figure it out for yourself.  That is now true of the Indian taxpayers.  That a bunch of over-entitled losers are screwing you in such a spectacular way isn’t difficult to figure out.

Why you are letting them do it, in the name of some out-dated, over-rated and useless set of ideas and even worse so-called ideals, is truly beyond the realm of understanding.

Maybe Indians collectively have this fetish to be taken for a ride.  No?


Note: This article is based on research done by Anurag Singh in his twitter thread.  See it below.  Featured Image is by गंगा सहाय मीणा

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