How to Brainwash a Nation: 4-step process shared by ex-KGB agent to India

How to Brainwash a Nation: 4-step process shared by ex-KGB agent to India

Ideological Subversion is a method of cultural warfare – is a slow method – to change the perception of reality, where despite the availability of abundance of information, citizens of a country cannot make out the reality.

Yuri Bezmenov was trained in Russia by the KGB and served as a “journalist” in India during the 60s.  In this video he discusses how this process of Ideological Subversion occurs.

The whole process follows 4-steps:

  1. Demoralize a nation (15-20 years): Expose your ideology to your nation’s “soft heads”.  At the higher stage, the citizens of that country start brainwashing their own countrymen.
  2. Destabilization (2-5 years):  does not care about your patterns.  Essentials are attacked – Defense, Economy and Polity.
  3. Crisis (6 weeks): bring a country to crisis in such a way that violent change happens, which is followed by the next stage.
  4. Normalization (infinite period): This is “tongue-in-cheek” and cynical.  Because Normalization means adherence of the enemy country to your own ideology.  The people who were instrumental in bringing the enemy country to this stage are “lined up against the wall and shot dead”.

His work in India included:

….Bezmenov was once again assigned to Bila in 1969, this time as a Soviet press-officer and a public relations agent for the KGB. He continued Novosti’s propaganda effects in New Delhi, working out of the Soviet embassy. Bezmenov was directed to slowly but surely establish the Soviet sphere of influence in India. In the same year, a secret directive of the Central Committee opened a new secret department in all embassies of the Soviet Union around the world, titled the “Research and Counter-Propaganda Group.” Bezmenov became a deputy chief of that department, which gathered intelligence from sources like Indian informers and agents, regarding most every influential or politically significant citizen of India. (link)

This is how Indian polity was subverted for so many years by the USSR!  In the video below Yuri discusses how Ideological Prostitutes were created within India.  How professors, “Intellectuals” and Artists were not just created but made into national figures to create the ideological subversion of the Indian society.  Someone like Sumitra-nandan Pant – the “celebrated Hindi poet” – was one such Intellectual prostitute!!  This is the level of subversion that create the grounds for Congress and the “Secular prostitutes”.  Reversing this will not take just one Modi rule.  It will mean many years of dedicated work at a much deeper level than we think.  It will need a new narrative which will need to seep into the national psyche.  Nehruvianism will need to be banished at the level of national soul!!  That is what is at stake in India.

Please do reflect on the video and what it portends on how the Indian social narrative and fabric was fashioned over decades.

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