Ideological Warfare and India's bane

Last updated on Apr 22, 2010

Posted on Apr 22, 2010

Here is an interesting discussion with the ex-Chief Propagandist of the KGB during the Soviet time.  He is talking about how a country is controlled without fighting a war.  The entire process takes about 25 years, but at the end of that time you can basically colonize the country.  The method is called Ideological Subversion.  There are FOUR steps to it are:

  1. Demoralization: (lasts 15 to 20 years) create a situation in a society where the society feels demoralized of its own existence and the urge and patriotism for survival is destroyed.  The group so brainwashed gets to the positions of power
  2. Destabilization: (2-4 years) Subversion creator will look at Economy, Foreign Relations and Defense relations.
  3. Crisis: (6 weeks like it happened in Central America): create a situation where total anarchy prevails.
  4. Normalization: (Indefinite period) an epithet for control over the country to rule and plunder it.

What he says of US is VERY true of India.  India is in the same situation.  We have been subverted by the Islamists and the Communist combine of China and Islamic bloc (led by Pakistan and Saudi Arabia) to a position when Islamic and Communist hegemony ideologically is supposed to be a great thing, which nationalism is a curse.  No matter what evidence one gives, the youth and the idealists would still not believe it.

Here is what he says about the control of Soviets on India.  One has to remember that the aim of the world powers is not morally decided or oriented, but based on the logic of hegemony.  If even killing your own friend extends your hegemony over him and others, then it is well worth it!  So, the Communist actions of things like – Shastri’s murder after Tashkent etc., should be seen in that light.

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