Indian couple arrested in Norway for disciplining their kid!

Another Indian couple has been arrested and put through hardship in Norway for disciplining their kid. There is something about Europe – specially Scandinavian countries – that doesn’t sound right!  So, the kid urinated in the school bus, which was brought to the attention of the parents and they scolded him and also said that they would take him back to India.

He told the school authorities and soon they came to know that they were in the wrong.  And arrested!  In the words of the husband‘s nephew:

“My uncle had no idea about the case registered against him initially. He came to Hyderabad along with his wife and children in July and went back to Oslo in the last week of October. Then he was served a notice to appear before the authorities along with his wife,” he said.  “My aunt also went to Oslo on November 23 and the couple appeared before the authorities concerned. On November 28, we were informed by my uncle’s neighbours in Oslo that they were arrested and remanded,” Sailender told PTI.

The guy V Chandrasekhar is a TCS employee.  TCS hasn’t commented saying its the employee’s personal matter.  Huh!!  So, they just wash their hands off of this guy?

In anycase, with the recent death of Savita in Ireland – Galway – and now this one, apart from a case last year, where again something that is very prevalent in Indian families was taken out of context against the family.  I bet many Indians would think many times before going on a project in Europe!  It must a really suck-y place to send the parents into jail just for disciplining their OWN kids!

It seems Andhra Chief Minister is trying to have the Indian Government intervene in the situation.

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