Indian President Saves the Day for an Irreverent American Lady

Indian President Saves the Day for an Irreverent American Lady

You can sometimes win people, even disrespectful ones, with love and care.  The Indian President Ram Nath Kovind is such a person.  Gentle and kind man – who has cut out the frills and waste that was common in the Rashtrapati Bhawan.

Ashley Hall from Ann Arbor Michigan was getting married to her fiance Abhi.  They had booked Taj in Cochin/Kochi 8 months in advance.

Well, on January 4th, 2020, a full 48 hours prior to the marriage on January 7th, they came to know that the hotel will be hosting the Indian President, so the marriage cannot be hosted.

In her American irreverence and lack of respect for the person and title she was addressing, Ashley complained about the inconvenience.

And, then tweeted to the President of India about the issue showing little respect for whom she was addressing.

Addressing the Indian President as “Hey @..” obviously didn’t go down well with the Indians and she got some piece of their minds.

She had obviously not expected the swift reaction that she would get.  Both, from the twitterati and the President’s office.  And from Taj.  The three parties worked out the modalities to keep the marriage on schedule.  No less than the President himself gave blessings for the marriage!

And, on Jan 7th, as scheduled and planned for 8 months, the marriage was completed at the same venue.  The lady, who started out as a brat, ultimately came around to say “Atitthi Devo Bhava” and that she had learned a lot.

Technology is a great leveler these days.  I still remember that I happened to go to the Rashtrapati Bhawan once because my sister knew someone in the President’s staff and they had invited us.  The place, the grandeur and the very solemn ways of how things are done in there is mind-boggling and can unnerve you.

That is the kind of honor and status that goes with the President of India.

And, this lady, whom no one knows, who knows no one, tweeted irreverently and managed to have a dialog the with First citizen of the country.  That is amazing!  Of course, other than the main reason why it happened – the charming and amazing humility and responsiveness of the President of India, Shri Ram Nath Kovind.

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