Infant Deaths Tsunami in Rajasthan as Leftist Vandals hog Limelight!

Infant Deaths Tsunami in Rajasthan as Leftist Vandals hog Limelight!

This is not something small.  That, the country has been taken to ransom by a group of over-entitled ‘students’ and vandals to garner all the attention and the Lutyen’s media has no time to pay attention to the real thing shows the real state of Indian society currently.  We are in the midst of an tsunami of death in Rajasthan.

In just ONE month, 110 kids have died in JK Lon hospital in Kota.

Matters continue to grow worse for the JK Lon Hospital in Rajasthan’s Kota, where more than 110 infants have died the past month due to poor medical supervision. In what comes as yet another alarming update, it has now been reported that water continues to drip from the ceiling of the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) ward at the hospital, which puts the lives of the rest of the children there, further in danger. To combat the dripping water issue, however, the hospital administration has asked its staff.  Source: As Kota infants’ death toll hits 113, water starts dripping from ceiling of paediatric ward

And, this is not the only hospital in Rajasthan that is churning out dead infants.  There is another one.  The PBM hospital.

Kota’s JK Lon hospital is not the only hospital in Rajasthan presenting a sorry state of affairs. Data suggests that number of children deaths in PBM hospital Bikaner surpasses the death count in Kota. In December , 2019, alone 162 children died here, 5 deaths on an average every day.  Source: India Today

That is Five death every day that these useless opposition-fed and left and Pakistan backed vandals have been wrecking India based on nothing but rumor-mongering and hate speech!

Media silence and acceptance – Rajasthan deaths

There are no pieces on who owns the hospital or that Ashok Gehlot should resign or to see who is behind these by the media.  There are no pieces in the Washington Post or New York times on arguably one of the darkest drama unfolding in India right now.  We are looking at an unbelievable extermination of infants – 4 to 5 a day – every day for last 2 months!!  In all 1683 kids died in one hospital in Bikaner in 2019.  Just one year!

That is no small thing!  The future of India either does not get to live a full life or is killed in the cradle by the politicians who have nothing else to do except to make money and fool people.

And, in that dance of death, media’s and intellectual silence is deafening!

It is not as if India’s record in the infant mortality and saving kids has been anything to write off about.  But things seem to have been improving in the last decade.

This trend, though heartening, is not enough.  A country that imagines itself to be amongst the developed nations cannot so utterly neglect its infants and their health.

Conclusion – in a democracy, everything is the job of citizens

In a democracy, the job of a citizen does not end with a vote once every 4 or 5 years.  Actually, that is when his or her job starts.  To keep the elected accountable and answerable.  Not in a way where governance is blocked and falsehoods are used to disrupt society as is being done now.  But to keep asking questions and creating dialog opportunities across the spectrum.  When parties like Congress draw up masterplans for the nation’s destruction and work to implement them whether in power or not, then people need to speak up.

Due to a biased and sold media in India, that is what is missing.  And, this is where we need a new way to interact and communicate, question, and hold them answerable.

Featured Image:  Photo by Parij Borgohain from Pexels

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