Islamic Extremists have infiltrated US Military

Since Maj Nidal Hasan shot down 13 fellow soldiers, the US agencies have stepped up the surveillance of those related to US Defense.  It has now come to light that over 100 “Islamic Extremists” are being investigated within the military community.  This includes the active soldiers, but those with access to military facilities including dependent ID cards for entry.

Some of the cases are pretty serious it seems, where those individuals could be planning attacks or would be in touch with people who are “dangerous” and urging them to attack.  The tracking includes looking at the websites they visit, chat rooms they go to, people they talk to there, and what they say.

This is a serious indictment of the Muslim community within the US.  If anything happens again, it is bound to create a fairly negative reaction to the whole thing.

Senator Lieberman was surprised at the numbers.  Although small in percentage terms given the total number of soldiers and contractors, but given what one man can do, the number over 100 is still pretty scary.

Maj. Nidal Hasan had been in regular touch with the terrorist, Anwar al-Awlaki, who had blessed the shooting rampage, when Hasan went to him for “Spiritual guidance”.

The cases have been divided into three stages of investigation – Assessment, Preliminary Investigation and Full Investigation.  There are about a dozen extremists in the last category, where they face complete and full scale investigation.

One wonders, how many of these are being influenced by Pakistani based “Islamist Thinkers” and how many are influenced by the extremist mentors of Europe and Middle East?

With the war in and near Syria escalating (as it shot down the Turkish plane), any terrorist attack on the US soil could be disastrous.

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