Joe Biden warns of Russian Election Meddling

Joe Biden warns of Russian Election Meddling

Biden warned that if Russia continued to interfere there would be «a real price to pay» if he wins the November election against Republican President Donald Trump. It is unclear when Biden began receiving the intelligence briefings, which are normal for major-party presidential nominees. Biden said at a June 30 press conference he had not been offered a classified briefing and «may very well» ask for one in the aftermath of reports Trump did not act on intelligence reports that Russia had put bounties on US troops in Afghanistan.

The former vice president under President Barack Obama has criticized Trump over reports he does not read his intelligence briefings. Multiple US intelligence agencies found Russia acted to help Trump in the 2016 election, a charge Russia denies and which Trump has repeatedly labeled a hoax.

Article Source: Times of India

Featured Image: DonkeyHotey

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