Kanhaiya Kumar’s Azaadi and Leftist Freedom Vs History of Leftist Repression and Genocides

Kanhaiya Kumar’s Azaadi and Leftist Freedom Vs History of Leftist Repression and Genocides

When Kanhaiya Kumar, the JNU Students Union President came out of jail on a bail, he made a speech which he started with “Lal Salaam” and the call for freedom.  Many are taken in by such romantic high-sounding sloganeering.  It would behove every educated and intelligent Indian to take a look at freedoms and rights in a “Lal Salaam” oriented Communist world.  Let us take a stroll across the world through history. [Follow my blog with Bloglovin]

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Several European academics and scholars came together to write a collection of articles on the deeds of Communism.  It was called “The Black Book of Communism: Crimes, Terror, Repression”.  It documents in detail a history of crimes by Communist regimes the world over that resulted in multitudes of deaths and hunger.  The book details out the genocides, extrajudicial executions, deportations, and artificial famines that were perpetrated by the Communist regimes in the world.

Stephane Courtois, the editor of the books sums up the contribution of the Communist in a telling way – “…Communist regimes… turned mass crime into a full-blown system of government.”

Crime in the hands of communists isn’t just mere crime, it becomes a system of governance.  For example, in West Bengal political murders was used as a tool.  It is estimated that between 1977 and 1996, over 55,000 murders were committed in the state at an annual average of 1787!

Genocides and merciless killings are in the DNA of all Communist powers and governments.

In Sainbari – March 1970 for example, CPI-M goons killed two brothers – Congress leaders – in Burdwan and then made their mother eat rice drenched in her sons’ blood.  The mother lost her mental balance completely for the rest of her life!  That is the level of bestiality that rivals that of the regressive beasts of ISIS!  In January 1979, when the Hindu refugees – predominantly Dalits – crossed over from Bangladesh into West Bengal – again CPI-M goons became their nemesis.  In the dangerous Sunderbans area, the Communist cadres used blockade, firing, and arson to kill kids, women and men.  Of the over 60,000 hardly anyone survived.  Kids as young as 8-12 years were killed in firing.  Many who tried to flee jumped into the sea only to be eaten up by crocodiles!  Contrast this with the treatment and welcome to the Muslim illegal immigrants from Bangladesh.

In April 1982, Anand Margis who were headed to Southern Kolkata to their Tiljala center were hounded by CPI-M cadres and burnt alive!  At least 17 Anand Margis were burnt alive as the cars / taxis they were in were burnt by dousing petrol.  Reason?  The fear that Anand Margis may emerge as powerful force in West Bengal.

The Anand Margi massacres
The Anand Margi massacres

As late as March 2007, in an attempt to acquire 10,000 acres of agricultural land in Purba Medinipur district from farmers to give to a multinational company, Communists started the attack with Harmad Bahini and then police firing which led to piles of bodies laying waste in the villages!  All because these farmers arose against the Communist regime to save their lands.

In 1945, before Mao assumed power, he said the following amazingly reassuring words ringing in the vision of freedom of speech and expression.

“Two principles must be observed: (1) say all you know and say it without reserve; (2) Don’t blame the speaker but take his words as a warning.  Unless the principle of ‘Don’t blame the speaker” is observed genuinely and not falsely, the result will not be ‘Say all you know and say it without reserve.”

In the years to come over 65 million poor were killed in probably the worst genocides ever in the history of mankind!  The legacy of that repression and lack of expression that was visible in Tiananmen Square continues to this day.  The internet that the world enjoys and uses to debate, is controlled and censured in China.  Till date, freedoms and rights of normal Chinese are suppressed.  As for people in Tibet, the less said the better!

The prescription of the Communists – the ones with “Lal Salaam” – is very clear.  They come on the agenda of so-called “Freedom” and “Rights”, which they allege are not being respected in the current society.  And they will come to bring freedom for everyone.  But what follows – without any example to the contrary in human history – is a trail of merciless repression, genocide, and censorship.  Any voice which dissents is killed and silenced.  It doesn’t matter whether that voice is of the poor and hungry.  It is silenced nevertheless.

For example, as Kanhaiya made his way back to JNU amidst wild celebrations, a lady student – who is a member of the Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) student wing – was thrown out of her dormitory!  Why?  Because they could not debate with her fair and square and hated her views.

The student of JNU’s School of Languages, who did not want to be named, said when she returned to her dormitory at the Koyna Hostel at 5.30 pm Wednesday, she found all her belongings lying outside in the corridor. “They had thrown all my stuff outside and left a note on the bed saying “Reject ABVP”. I am not sure who could have done this, but since the last couple of days, I had been having intense arguments with some extreme Leftists,” she said.
“They often ridiculed me for working with the ABVP,” she said. Though the dormitory had 25 beds, only three or four students actually stayed there.

In this very JNU, Baba Ramdev has been banned and people like Tarek Fatah – a Canadian-Pakistani life-long leftist have been derogatorily called “RSS Agent” because he spoke of the regressive society that Pakistan is.  Something that the JNU’s leftists could not digest.  Anti-Pakistan agenda for JNU students has always been anti-freedom one.  Here is the proof:

This is the freedom that Kanhaiya talked about in real sense.

A freedom that eulogizes Pakistani Jehad and runs down India and is cloaked in Leftist words that smack of Hinduphobic bigotry.

As certain sections of the mainstream media rally around the Communists like Kanhaiya, they eulogize the romanticism of Communist ideas and agenda.  It is not without reason.  After all, Kanhaiya is an ideological outcrop of the Left parties.  And he will be part of their state level and national politics as well.

Claiming that JNU students’ union president Kanhaiya Kumar is an activist, leaders of Communist parties today said he will campaign for the Left Front in the five assembly poll-bound states.
“He (Kanhaiya Kumar) is a Left activist. As a Left activist, he will naturally campaign (for the parties). It is often said that youth is not attracted to the Left. What they have to say about yesterday’s meeting in JNU?” CPI(M) general secretary Sitaram Yechury said.

In Bengal, where he is so triumphantly being positioned as the next savior of the Left, let us understand what has Left and its power regimes really given economically.  We have already discussed the extreme human rights violations and political murders earlier.

Did you know that in 1950s, the corporate tax collections from Calcutta were almost equal to that from Bombay?  By 2000-01, the Corporate tax collections had fallen down to 10% of that in Bombay!

West Bengal was one of the first areas to get the benefit of British education system.  In fact the first great lawyers, educationists, scientists, and scholars came from that state.  In terms of computer literacy today, only 50% of Kolkata’s kids (between 7-14 years) are literate.  Compare this to 80% in Bangalore and Chennai.

In West Bengal per capita annual consumption of electricity is about 200 kwh.  Compare this to Gujarat with 800 kwh, 900 in Punjab, 500 in Tamil Nadu and 400 in Andhra.  Of the top 10 Indian cities for business infrastructure as per CII, Kolkata doesn’t even figure.

That is the level of degeneration of Bengal and Communists in India.  This is the flag that Kanhaiya is raising high with his feel-good romanticism.

While we are on the topic of upliftment and empowerment, let us read a beautiful story.  It has been shared by a lady Anila Gupta.  It is about a maid in Delhi who goes by Amma.  This is what Anila shared about Amma:

Amma as she has always been called has worked in Delhi for over 40 years…with no bank account to her name.
She has paid for her cylinder of gas In the black market…for years.
She has been too scared of applying for a bus pass – something she is entitled to as she is over 60.
Finally a couple of months ago, she agreed to open an account in a nearby govt of India bank.
Then, lo and behold, with a whole load of confidence she asked to be taken to the bus terminus. Forms were filled, photocopies made of her bank pass book and she has a bus pass for senior citizens that is very affordable.
A few days ago, I look up her address and tell her…this is where you go for a gas connection And this is what it will cost you. I enter my phone number on her daughter in law’s mobile and say: if they give you any grief, call me and I will come.
Amma comes earlier than usual today and I can tell she is bursting with news.
Amma is also the proud owner of a new stove and TWO cylinders.

There is nothing wrong in having belief in any ideology for someone.  Indeed, India has been a country where every ideology has been allowed to flourish.  But when you – an educated and intelligent Indian – who wants the country to be economically developed and creatively free, please remember that Communism has always made claims of freedom and has delivered nothing nut political repression and silencing of dissent at its best and genocides at its worst.  Economically, of course, the promise of doing a West Bengal to your city and state is about the best that they can lay claims to.

If that is what you want for yourself and for the Ammas of the country – who for the very first time are opening their own bank accounts 69 years after India’s independence! – then please look deeper into the politics of Kanhaiya.  Go beyond the speech.  After all, as far as promise of Freedom is concerned, he couldn’t beat the high promise of Mao Tse Tung, the greatest murderer in history of mankind.  Did he?

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