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Kids Write Letters to Donald Trump to give him Innocent but Beautiful Advice

While the intelligence community is telling us how Russian government had hacked into the servers of the DNC and even RNC, while they released only those emails that would hurt Hillary, we have some kids writing letters to President-elect Trump. They have advise of their own. Can’t say whether it is in the league of the Intelligence briefings that Trump has been ignoring, but the points that the kids make in their innocence are timeless!

From – “Don’t be mean” to “Be kind” to “Be good to Mexakens (Mexicans)” – they cover the entire gamut.  One kid even wanted him to keep the “Odama care”.
(source: HuffingtonPost)

Kids to Trump
Kela on “How to be Nice”
Kids to Trump
Avery to Trump
Kids to Trump
On immigrants
“Be Good to Mexicans”
“Get along with everyone” Elliott
Kids to Trump
Abby – “kids in my class are scared”
Kids to Trump
Solomon – “Dont send people back to their country”
Littel Boy – “Be kind please”
Ada – “Dont tear my country apart”
Charlotte – “Be fair to women”
Kids to Trump
Scarlet – “be nice to Mexakens”
“Dont make fun of people”
“Dont make fun of people”
Szaba – “Dont be mean”