Is Lake Mansarovar the Playground of Alien Forms?

Is Lake Mansarovar the Playground of Alien Forms?

We were on our way to a very special place – the Lake Mansarovar.  We had made the journey through very high altitude and some of us had fallen sick due to altitude sickness even though the journey was made very easy due to great roads that the Chinese had built in Tibet.

When we reached Lake Mansarovar near Kailash, the light blue expanse of water nestled amongst the high Himalayan mountains looked heavenly.  Such serene and sublime beauty was before us.  The first instinct of everyone was to go and touch the water and take a dip after a long arduous journey.  But we were stopped.

The water was not to be touched.  This water was more than just plain water in a lake.  It manifested far more than an eye could possibly see.  This body of water was one of the last remnants of the Tethys sea, which was the crucible of human and other animal evolution.  But more than that, it was witness to the constant transaction of energy with alien energy forms from outside the planet for millions of years.

Had our planet and human civilization known such beings or historical events where larger powers, not in the way that we know ourselves – the physical beings – but in a different form been interacting with some of us?  Or with our planet in ways, we don’t understand?

Human Progress and “Other intelligence”

Is this generation the greatest and the most advanced?  I was intrigued by a letter I came across in the book “Fingerprints of the Gods

“, where Harold Ohlmeyer, a Lt. Colonel in US Air Force discusses some maps that detail out the Antartica topography to Professor  Hapgood of Keene College, New Hampshire.  This is the letter he wrote.

Letter on Antartica Map
Letter on Antartica Map (courtesy: Fingerprints of the Gods)

What is such a big deal about this letter?  Here are some facts:

  • Antarctica was “discovered” in modern times in 1818 AD.
  • Piri Reis Map is a genuine document that was made in Constantinople in 1513 ostensibly based on “ancient maps”.
  • Antarctica was an ice-free condition prior to 4000 BC.  Not since then has it’s topography been visible.  So, to view the ice-free coast of Queen Maud Land, one would have lived then and known of Antarctica.  The continent would have been in such a state for at least 9000 years prior to 4000 BC.  So such a map could only have been possible between 13000 BC and 4000 BC.
  • Not only is the map accurate, but it even places South America and Africa as well in the correct longitude.  Getting the correct longitudes was possible only after Jahn Harrison, an English clockmaker invented chronometer.

Have humans been witness to greater intelligence residing or interacting with some of us in the ancient past?  Are humans alone on this planet?

And if alien forms are amongst us or interacting with us or our planet, do they necessarily have to be in physical form?  All the research in the scientific community for UFOs and aliens has been almost restricted to physical forms.  What if aliens are energy beings?

The mysterious lights at Lake Mansarovar

The next morning as we sat on the banks of Mansarovar deep in the Spiritual process that Sadhguru was taking us through, I opened my eyes for just a few seconds due to the cold around.  Right in front of me somewhere in the middle of the lake, I could see lights flickering.  Like bonfires.  I knew fully well that the other side of the coast was just not visible to us and any light there couldn’t have been so visibly big, but I shrugged and continued with the meditational practice.

It is only when I came across the experiences of others who have been witness to similar lights that I wondered what was actually happening in that lake?

Energy Forms at Mansarovar

Sadhguru looks at the situation in the lake in a completely different way and from the perception that isn’t tied to physicality.  There were many other experiences that he shared in person.  Including how one of the volunteers amongst the pilgrims a few years back was made to experience some of the alien energy forms which left her bewildered and shaking!

Take a look at this video which has the lights and Sadhguru’s explanation of what happens at Lake Mansarovar.

Featured Image Source: Flickr

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