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Is Lake Mansarovar the Playground of Alien Forms?

We were on our way to a very special place – the Lake Mansarovar.  We had made the journey through very high altitude and some of us had fallen sick due to altitude sickness even though the journey was made very easy due to great roads that the Chinese had built

30 Apr 16 3 min read

When everything fails on Earth…

The planet’s largest companies today are the technology companies.  Everything is based on technology and networks.  From your banks to education to jobs to even basic food being delivered now.  In fact, the Internet of Things is making everything web-based and driven via internet actions.  Everything – and everyone (at

11 Sep 15 3 min read

Did you know: Can you cry in space?

Do you wonder about this? I was intrigued surely. Read Quote of Robert Frost’s answer to Can you cry in space? [] on Quora [] []

25 Feb 13 1 min read

Mars, Saturn and Star shine over Gurudwara Bangla Sahib in India

A very beautiful picture of Mars, Saturn and the star Spica shining brightly over Gurudwara Bangla Sahib. > Astrophotographer Ajay Talwar [] of the space photography group The World at Night [] took this photo in August 2012

01 Feb 13 1 min read
Achievement and Leadership

The Amazing Living Bridges of Meghalaya

Meghalaya is a state which has the highest amount of rainfall in the world.  Cherrapunji holds a world record of the highest recorded rainfall.  In such a place, rivers are aplenty.  And trees as well.  When the entire land is crisscrossed with rivers – how do you build so many strong

22 Dec 12 3 min read

China is the largest Space polluter

China has just started its action in the space not very long ago, but it is already topping in rather ignominious ways.  In the short time, the countries that sent rockets in space, they have already created a lot of pollution up there.  What are these Space Debris? > the collection

16 Oct 10 2 min read

Into the Center

When Muscle is weak and Will is soft – from grief – what then can hold me up where do I find my strength where do I find relief My feet know the ground much better than my head It is to them I turn . . . to me their wisdom speaks “Yield,” they

08 Sep 10 2 min read

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