Liberals’ Rabid Hatred for the NRI

Liberals’ Rabid Hatred for the NRI

On Janurary 21, 2017 – a day after Donald Trump was sworn in as the 45th President of the United States – a facebook post initiated protests globally.  Women’s March as it was called was a worldwide protest against the man the liberals and the feminists hated so much.  Women and liberals from New York to Paris to Nairobi to Kolkata and Hyderabad protested the election of Trump as the leader of a country, which they had nothing to do with.  Most abroad had not even been to the US, leave alone Washington.

Activists participate in the Women’s March rally in Kolkata, India, Saturday, Jan. 21, 2017. The march was held in solidarity with the Women’s March on Washington, advocating women’s rights and opposing Donald Trump’s presidency. (AP Photo/Bikas Das) NYTCREDIT: Bikas Das/Associated Press
Protests against Trump's election in US in Hyderabad

You see, it was Freedom of Speech and expression and the liberal view that Trump was a symbol of misogyny who hurt the chances and ways of every woman in the world.

And they were correct in protesting in their own way.

Such freedom to express oneself on issues that hurt many and are happening in India is very often denied by those who proudly call themselves “liberals” to the others.

“You are not Indian” – when all else fails

In my many interactions on Social Media, one of the most common strategy for many who hate Modi and call themselves liberals, when they do not have any argument against me has been – about my passport.

My blog was very carefully called “Indian Civilizational Perspective” – because India is not just a political entity.  It is a civilizational entity.  That is how it has always been.  A civilizational ethos.  It is a culture and way of being which was crafted by those who seeked and touched the depth of existential truth for many millennia.

That which is existential is nature, cannot be confined.  Nor can it be owned by a few who disregard that seeking itself!

This was also visible in the tweets and the abuse against Akshay Kumar simply because he chose to interview the Prime Minister Modi in an apolitical way, where he was not going to ask any political question.  The interaction, which became a blockbuster with the public, hit the opposition people and the Modi-haters so hard that the only comeback they had was to start abusing Akshay Kumar himself.  And, he is a successful actor with a tremendous record over the last so many years.  For a man who had very humble beginnings, that is quite an accomplishment!

So many Indian jawans and soldiers have been slain over the last so many years.  No one – specifically no celebrity – took any interest.  But Akshay Kumar did not sit idle.  So what did he do?  He came up with the idea of an app called Bharat ke Veer – where people could easily donate money for the martyrs – and ensured that it was executed.

And in two and a half months, the app and website were released by the Indian government along with Akshay Kumar.

The man had taken inspiration from a documentary on terrorists and saw how the terrorists had full financial backup, but our jawans have no one to care for them.

“This website has been made exactly in two and a half months. About three months, this idea came in my mind, while watching a documentary film on terrorists, which showed how terror leaders financially support the families of the terrorist who carry out terror acts.” (source)

Worse there are enough liberals who chide them by saying – that afterall they fight for the salary!  That is the level of apathy and lack of seriousness.

And, this man, singlehandedly brought about something that was to take care of those who fight for the survival of every Indian for many years to come.

So, when those who are small in deeds and worth could find nothing else, what did they do?  They attacked his passport.

He gives those sermons because he knows something that this Congress dwarf does not.  Love is expressed by doing something and working hard to safeguard the security and ethos of the Indian civilization.  Not the right of some to abuse the country – as Congress does along with its JNU flunkies – crying for its break-up.  Shouting for destruction of the very land that has nurtured you and working against it can not be defended by any freedom.  This should be clearly understood.

So, those – as Congress is – whose heart beats for the break-up of India, should not go around trying to push the blame of their ignominy on someone else.  They have worked very hard for it.

Congress is anti-India not because it is opposed to BJP or Modi.  They are anti-national because their President stood along with and backed those who openly called for the break-up and destruction of India.  THAT is what makes Congress anti-national.  It is a certificate not given by BJP or Modi or Modi supporters.  It is a certificate they gave themselves.

As regards the passport of a person – such things depend on many things.  Personal, professional, situational.  And, many a times when you have to push the debate into a direction, then the liberals and left are vile enough to persecute you, and it is always better to have the extra layer of safety.  That is why many people take asylum in US.

Interestingly one of the most rabid leftist online rag which has often been caught peddling fake news – thewire – is run by Siddharth Vardarajan, who is also a US national.  Does that mean one should throw thewire out of India?

No.  I respect their freedom to say what they want.  Even when it is obviously fake.

Just like I also respect the freedom of those who trash their lies.

Battle of ideas should be fought.  And it should be won in the arena of ideas.  Adi Shankara walked the length and breadth of this land taking on every discordant note in terms of ideas and defeated it in the arena of ideas.  Even when he had to leave his body to understand the opposite perspective.

That is how much we, in the Indian ethos and civilization, have been committed to the battle of ideas.

So, those who whine about the passport understand neither the worth of passport, nor the civilization behind it.

India is a civilization. An ethos. It was never just a political entity. Even when Alexander went out, he went to conquer India, not Punjab or Sindh or Magadh. Columbus went looking for India, not Rajputs or the Mughals. Ditto for the Brits.

India of today did not exist in neat, nice boundaries in history. But India was still there. That is the India which we all represent. Whatever our passports. The hatred for NRIs in the minds and hearts of liberals is simply because of that. That, those who have no constitutional responsibility or duty towards India, still stand up for it.

That India, which they so openly seek to destroy, is defended in ideas and contribution by these NRIs – the thankless lovers and heirs of a civilization that has seeked the existential.

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