Male ego hurt, Tharoor raises anti-Modi boggie to deflect corruption reminder from Modi

Male ego hurt, Tharoor raises anti-Modi boggie to deflect corruption reminder from Modi

In the 3rd season of Indian Premier League, there was a major controversy, where Rendezvous Sports World Group defeated Adani group and Videocon to win the ownership of Kochy IPL franchise.  It was later known that Sunanda Pushkar, then girlfriend of Shashi Tharoor, surprisingly had received a “sweat equity” of Rs 70 crores.  When the IPL and franchise offices were raided by Income Tax authorities, they unearthed some murky deals.

Shashi Tharoor, as a result, resigned.

Now, while campaigning in Himachal, Narendra Modi, in an obvious dig at the Shashi Tharoor and to point to the still open IPL scam, Modi said:

There was a Congress leader who was a minister. He was accused of amassing wealth from cricket. He had said in parliament that he is not connected to the Rs.50 crore in the lady’s name….And then girlfriend becomes wife, we learn some time later… the issues are still not settled and he (Tharoor) is now made a minister….Wah kya girlfriend

. Apne kabhi dekha hai 50 crore



So it is obvious what Modi is trying to say!  He is chiding the Government at not only trying to sweep the controversy under the carpet, but also dissing Shashi Tharoor for using his then girl friend as a tool / vehicle for getting “free money” (Sweat Equity? yeah right!).  Now, that she is his wife, the Rs 50 or Rs 70 (whatever it was) comes home to Tharoor.

Meanwhile Shashi Tharoor has been made the Minister of State Human Resources Development in the new reshuffle!

Reaction to Modi by the Regular “Oh-so Secular” Morons

While Shashi Tharoor’s male pride got hurt obviously for being told that he used his girl friend for looting Rs 50 crores!  He reacted on Twitter:

“My wife is worth a lot more than your imaginary 50 crores. She is priceless. But you need2be able2love some1 2understand that”

One, the dude had obviously been instrumental in a murky deal and his resignation was an evidence of that.  Now when his using of his GF is pointed at, all he does is come off with ad-hominem attack.. and he is done?!!

What a sweet deal… right?  Loot, then use word jugglery and jump on “Anti-Modi” bandwagon and bring up the regualr boggie and hope everything will be fine.  And voila, Everything IS FINE!  That’s the sad part.

But, from the way Modi’s popularity continues to grow, it is clear that people are sick and tired of this bunch of jokers who are looting and also trying to demonize its opponents.

Meanwhile Tharoor’s colleague in the Government R.P Singh jumped in:

“You can understand the type of people who point fingers and make derogatory remarks about women… Their speech speaks stronger than their act,” R.P.N. Singh, minister of state for home, told reporters.

Really?  Speech is stronger than the act?  So basically one should feed his kids with speeches instead of actual stuff that action produces?  Of course, why would that communist parasite Brinda Karat keep quiet?  She jumps in as well:

“Only a sick and perverted mind representing an anti-women RSS ideology will make such a statement. He is a blot on this country,”

If one – anyone with even half decent IQ – gets the context, one knows that Modi’s statement was FAR from being “anti-women”.  It was anti-corruption, and more importantly “Anti-Nepotism”!

As for the “Blot on the Country” is concerned, the people in this country know about who is a blot pretty well by now.

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