Mamata Bannerjee publicly abuses her lady security guard at Kolkata Book Fair

We talked of Mamata Bannerjee in the last post.  How Aakar Patel, equated her with Modi in terms of what she does and says.  Well, here is some example of her behavior.  This socially and behaviorally illiterate female was at Kolkata Book Fair on Wednesday.  And while coming out she shouts at her guards.

On Wednesday evening, while coming out from the Kolkata Book Fair, Ms Banerjee shouted at her guards, “Apnakay chapkano uchit” which in English means, “you should be whipped.” She was apparently angry that she had to wait for her car.

The police official getting the abuse was another lady – Kusum Kumar Dwivedi.  She has been Mamata’s guard for years now.  So, this is the type of people we have running our country who are supposed to be benchmarks for many people including journalists.

Kolkata Book Fair 2013

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