Markandey Katju: Rushes out of Interview in Anger on being questioned; is he fit to run Press Council of India?

Justice Markandey Katju who has been locking horns with Arun Jaitley and BJP in general has been flouting all the norms of being impartial as the person at helm of the Press Council of India.  Well, he has recently been showing anger against Narendra Modi as if he is on some crusade ordered by Sonia Gandhi and Digvijay Singh.

His charge against Modi is that Modi is dictatorial and doesn’t listen to anyone.

But, when this Katju guy is asked to clarify his own stuff and answer one pointed question, he gets up and leaves from the interview saying that the journalist is “misbehaving”… reminiscent of Mamata Bannerjee.  And all he did was ask one question!

Is it that these guys – who hit at Modi – are seeing their own traits which they thrust upon whom they don’t like?  Looking at his demeanour and call for “respecting his age and seniority”, this ex-judge certainly seems to be suggesting so.

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