Men-Women Equality: Another Perspective!

My earlier post on differences between men and women.  Men and Women have often been equated to Shiv and Parvati (Shakti).

In most mythology, Shiv, the Hindu deity, in his virile spendour represents the quintessential wild male, while Shakti represents the smooth and gentle woman.  However, more importantly, in Vedanta’s deep recesses they represent the two BASIC ingredients of this creation – Matter and Energy.  Shiv is Matter and Shakti is Energy.  Every matter is but a manifestation of that one matter, and all energy is also a manifestation of that one Unified Energy.

Matter without Energy is Inert and Energy without Matter is Potential.

Therefore, both are related to each other which cannot be denied.  Even the modern scientists have dwelled on this relationship in a serious manner.  E=mc(2) (that’s m* c-squared) is by far the MOST well known physics equation in the last century juxtaposes the relationship between matter and energy.  Of course, energy comes out a winner with matter which can equal energy only when it gets the benefit of square of a constant (velocity of light – conceivably the highest constant known to man at Einstein’s time)!!

What does that say?  Simply, that no matter how many differ constants a man uses, it can barely equal the woman!  And without her he is .. well. INERT!

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