Metaphysics and Quantum Physics on Space, Time and Causation!

Metaphysics and Quantum Physics on Space, Time and Causation!

Metaphysics and Quantum Physics are explorations of reality.

Laws are merely different events that have been linked in a causation paradigm – because they have happened – or apparently happened – as we know them in a certain sequence! The structure and serial linkages of the prevalent laws and “principles” therefore are limited by our prevalent consciousness.

Our limits of Consciousness are defined by the three Variables – Space, Time and Causation!

Do our “laws” or “principles” change when our consciousness clears off fog to reveal to us some more events and “ideas”?

Yes, perhaps that’s how Einstein came up with the relativity theory! Or with E=mc2. Which would mean that there is more “data” out there than what we have in our consciousness database, waiting to be assimilated into the serial structures of the prevalent laws which form part of our consciousness!

And when we define the spiritual laws or religious in a definitive manner (“this is THE truth and no more”) – we are actually trying to understand the Infinite from a standpoint of limited consciousness – trying to pack up an Ocean in a bottle as it were!!

Metaphysics and Quantum Physics evaluate Space and Time and their many causations

And this is critical for one who wants to embark on a spiritual journey.  Mind, the instrument that perceives awareness to manifest, is but an accumulation of things past and present.  Past, beyond this lifetime, and of this lifetime.  The challenge is to use the mind as a tool and go beyond it.  Beyond its own limitations.  Vivek, or the capacity to discern, is just that – annihilate the limitations of the mind that make it a mere mind and go beyond.

Space and Time join hands to create the causation.  Causation then creates a memory on the membrane of Space and Time that lives off of its own curse.  Of repetition.  Living or being in this limitation, is, therefore, a cycle.  A cycle of never-ending causations feeding on past causations.  All floating and jumping on the thin, yet formidable, membrane of Space and Time.

Can we go past?  Can we be not of Time or Space?  Is there a realm of our existence where we can be without such entanglements?

Actually, if we look into it a bit deeper, as Sadhguru says – Time is the most fundamental unit of existence.  Or as the Indian yogis called it Kala.

Einstein and Space, Time and Causality

To understand the science behind space, time, and causality, specifically with respect to Einstein’s theory of relativity, it would be useful to go through this remarkably well-articulated episode from PBS.  In this episode, the authors dive deeper into the relationship between space and time and explore how we can geometrically map the causality of the universe and increase our understanding of how time and distance relate to one another.

In this episode, the authors discuss the Spacetime interval, which is the distance between two events separated in space.

If an observer goes on to measure two events as being separated in time by

\Delta t

and a spatial distance

\Delta x

. Then the spacetime interval

{\displaystyle {\left(\Delta {s}\right)}^{2}}

between the two events that are separated by a distance

{\displaystyle \Delta {x}}

in space and by

Metaphysics and Quantum Physics

in the


-coordinate is:

Metaphysics and Quantum Physics

The constant

{\displaystyle {\textrm {c}}}

, the speed of light, converts the units used to measure time (seconds) into units used to measure distance (meters).

Metaphysics – Advaita and the Time, Space, Causation impact now, Swami Vivekananda discussed the concept of Space, Time and Causation from the standpoint of Advaita.  He surmises primarily that Time, Space and the resultant causation are the preserve of this existence which is the physical manifestation of the Absolute.

Here is the Absolute (a), and this is the universe (b). The Absolute has become the universe.By this is not only meant the material world, but the mental world, the spiritual world — heavens and earths, and in fact, everything that exists. Mind is the name of a change, and body the name of another change, and so on, and all these changes compose our universe. This Absolute (a) has become the universe (b) by coming through time, space, and causation (c). This is the central idea of Advaita. Time, space, and causation are like the glass through which the Absolute is seen, and when It is seen on the lower side, It appears as the universe. Now we at once gather from this that in the Absolute there is neither time, space, nor causation. The idea of time cannot be there, seeing that there is no mind, no thought. The idea of space cannot be there, seeing that there is no external change. What you call motion and causation cannot exist where there is only One. We have to understand this, and impress it on our minds, that what we call causation begins after, if we may be permitted to say so, the degeneration of the Absolute into the phenomenal, and not before; that our will, our desire and all these things always come after that.In Absolute or the nothingness of non-being, there is no physicality.  And, therefore no time or space.  That is what the Yogis – the Dharmic scientists – have said.


Space and time is the basis of causation.  There is a relationship between Space and Time.  Without Time, there is no sense of Space as well.  So, in a way, they are both related.  Causation necessarily needs a structure, which is provided by Time and its corollary as well as its companion, Space. Metaphysics and Quantum Physics have approached these for long, and hopefully, mankind would be benefitted from the realization of the truth as opposed to mere enunciations of theories.

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