Mingboggling game of betrayal and intrigue by terrorists, separatists and Indian agencies in Kashmir

Mingboggling game of betrayal and intrigue by terrorists, separatists and Indian agencies in Kashmir

Think of this – Shehla Rashid, a JNU student, with no job and from a normal middle class or even lower family suddenly is found living in Gupkar Road bungalow in Srinagar.  It is like someone from a small Karol Bagh home north of Gurudwara Road is suddenly found living on Prithviraj Road (next to the consulates of Netherland etc) with no job after a long student life!  Does it make sense?

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Then it gets even more interesting.  Then she goes all the way to Kashmir with other leftist friends and gets to move around when there was a clampdown.  How does an ordinary person get such Superpowers?

The answer may lie in the article by one Naeem Jilani on Kashmir and its woes.  What it says is simply mindboggling but bears out in how things have been entangled and messed up!  Read on.

AS Daulat, who per some of the RAW veterans, was an inefficient Chief who messed up RAW even further, had devised a strategy of dealing with the separatists and politicians in J&K.  The strategy was to pay them money.  The only issue was when the separatists and politicians realized that it was an unending gravy train, they started playing the game.  A game where they worked along with Pakistan.  Soon, from Abdullahs and Muftis to Yasin Malik, everyone was playing the double game.

And, this money for love policy in J&K also helped the retirement accounts of those in the Intellligence Bureau (IB) and J&K Police.  So everyone was entrenched into this game.  This had become the hallmark of the Indian government’s handling of Kashmir and why Article 370 had been strengthened, as was the separation movement and the terrorists.  It was the primacy of RAW that ultimately paved the way for the abrogation of Article 370!

So in all the euphoria we should remember that Kashmir is not just a tangled web of deceit and horrific corruption by the so called leaders of Kashmir. What it says about the journalists covering Kashmir is another story altogether, saved for another day.
It is also a tale of how these artificially created leaders have corroded and corrupted the Institutions of the Indian state, exercise control over policy through corrupt elements in the JKP and IB and have essentially incentivised these two organizations (and the army though for a different set of reasons) in a continuation of the conflict. It is for this reason the IB has “invested” in those people in Kashmir who have not eliminated the roots of separatism but made them even stronger each passing year. it is precisely because RAW has not been corrupted by these duplicitous CI games in Kashmir, that their forceful recommendation to abrogate 370 carried the day.

When Shah Faesal wanted to leave India, but was caught at the airport, his plan – hatched along with Jammu and Kashmir top brass and IB ostensibly was to become the “President of Kashmir” in exile.  Something that RAW officers caught the wind of in the nick of time.  And had him arrested at the airport.

We are starting with a clean slate, as it were, in Jammu and Kashmir.  It is time that the government takes out the old trash and changes the whole guard from top to bottom.  We cannot hope to succeed in Kashmir if we keep going in with the same characters all the time!

Source: Medium\Naeem Jilani

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