Modi is invincible in Gujarat despite free laptops deal from Congress!

Modi during campaigning in Gujarat

The latest India Today-ORG opinion poll shows that BJP will see an increase of 11 seats in Gujarat taking the seat counts to 128 out of a total of 182 seats.  On the other hand, Congress – which has stooped to as low as it possibly could – promising free laptops and what not – will lose 11 seats.

On the other hand, Keshubhai Patel (Gujarat Parivartan Party (GPP)) – the dissident from BJP and Modi’s bete noir will win only ONE seat.  That is quite a setback for this guy.

One thing is clear in Gujarat.  That you cannot deceive the electorate with falsehoods and appeasement.  The people have seen what good administration looks and feels like and they know how it is just outside of Gujarat – for Gujjus are well traveled.  Why would they settle for a decidedly loosing proposition?  Even with a free laptop in place?Not just Gujarat, but at the national level now 56% of the respondents want Modi as India’s PM as well.  No wonder UK is courting him finally realizing the writing on the wall.In a part that is besieged by the misdeeds of its President – Nitin Gadkari – and the ego of its so-called senior leaders like LK Advani and Sushma Swaraj; it is time that Modi gets a clear path to overall leadership.  His time has come and it is time that this country gets a better alternative.  Someone who can run the country in a way that it can progress!

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