Murder of Gen. Alavi, Nukes for Bin Laden and Pakistan's STATE actors in terror network

A month back a Pakistani Major General was killed. Maj Gen. mir Faisal Alavi.  On November 19, two gunmen shot dead Alavi and his driver outside Islamabad.

He Knew It

Jang [1] the Pakistani newspaper disclosed that he was killed because Alavi was about to expose the links between Pakistani Army and the Taliban.  He had “threatened” to expose Pakistani Generals for ‘deals’ with Taliban militants.  This made him a “hot potato” in that establishment.  Now, of course, the Pakistani Army is calling the entire story a “slander”! [6]

Alavi had sensed his future killing and had reportedly told his friends that he was anticipating that he will be “eliminated” as he knew too much.

In fact he had been sacked by Musharraf as he had been against a pact with Taliban reported Jang, a Pakistani newspaper.

The Letter to Gen. Kayani

Carey Schofield has been collecting material on the Pakistan Army for last two years and visiting various garrisons and military installations on the pretext of writing a book “Inside the Pakistan Army”, which she intends to get published next year by Soap Box Books. In this process, she had met many military officers and often prolonged her stay at different locations to get maximum material. link

Alavi had also written a letter addressed to the Pakistani Army Chief which he sent to a British Journalist Carey Shoefield with the instructions that the letter be published in case he is assassinated.  The letter was published but the names of the two Generals accused by Alabi have been blacked out.[3]

It is not that the world has not known of the close tie-up and indeed an alliance between Pakistan’s establishment and the terror networks.  On Drishtikone we have written about this alliance several times.. and even during the Mumbai Attacks I was certain of the links between different terror players but despite the fact that Pakistan’s common man faces this threat the most… they go on to support the Terror Masters combine of ISI/Taliban/AQ/Dawood/Jehadis/Pakistan Army!

Pak Nuke Scientists and Osama
In fact in a recent book The Man From Pakistan by two British investigative journalists Douglas Frantz and Catherine Collins have suggested that Chaudiri Abdul Majeed and Sultan Bashiruddin Mahmood, who held a series of senior posts in Pakistani nuke programme, went to Taliban headquarters in Kandahar in mid-August 2001 and spent three days with bin Laden just a month after 9-11! [5]

There at least 3 players come together – Pakistan Nuclear Establishment (and those in Pakistan Army who are linked with this programme), Taliban (as it was in the Taliban HQ), and Al Qaeda.

… now for the other parts…

Security Agencies or “Non State Actors”?

In October, 2001, Sultan Bashiruddin Mahmood, the very guy who went to meet the Big Laden was “nabbed” on October 24 by “Pakistan Authorities” for interrogation and was “questioned” by intelligence agencies for alleged links with the Taleban and Osama bin Laden [4].

The “Security Agencies” then conveniently cleared him and he was released!

.. so now we have a very clear and direct relationship between several players in the terror network which is centered around Pakistani establishment.. unless of course, these so-called Security Agencies are again Zardari’s famous “Non State Actors”!

If this was not a serious issue one could just enjoy the complete Harry Potterish nonsense that Pakistani establishment dishes out to the world and that its own people believe to be gospel and we non-Pakistanis are supposed to be seriously believing as well!  But these things are getting to unbearable proportions!  If the Pakistanis are so wont of siding with the Terror Masters and keep shouting “Blame Game” at Indian and the world when evidence comes out… and as a result face the terrorism and get killed because of that… then it is THEIR PREROGATIVE!  But to even suggest that the rest of the world will follow them in that ditch is just downright foolish and unreasonable!!  Someone has to say that the Emperor has no clothes!

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