Muslims in Kerala Organize Boycott of Hindu owned Store

Muslims in Kerala Organize Boycott of Hindu owned Store

Have you ever gone into a store or a supermarket by first looking at the religion of the owner?  Well, it seems that this has been and continues to be the practice that many use to target or avoid the Hindu businesses.

I clearly remember how the Pakistani radio jocks in Houston would righteously announce some business as “Pakistani and Islamic” and urge its listeners to go and buy from them to “help the community” and keep the wealth “within”.

Apparently, this is a common phenomenon even in India.

This was revealed by this tweet by a user @chathootti who alert to this.  Many others would just let this bigotry just slide.  Worse, there is no outrage and would never be any.  Because this is supposed to be normal and ok.  No, it is not!  You cannot pick and choose Secularism!

In a state – Kerala – where the Communist party and its supporters amongst Christians and Muslims have already been active in targeting Hindus and Sabarimala – this type of Hinduphobia should be openly and unambiguously called out.

If any of the readers can speak / understand Malayalam, please do share the complete translation of this audio.

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