Nauseatingly entitled display of namaz and barbarism by a Muslim on French flight

Nauseatingly entitled display of namaz and barbarism by a Muslim on French flight

In yet another incident of pushing their entitlement borne out of pusillanimity of the liberals, a Muslim man started praying right outside the pilot cockpit in the small space not allowing anyone to move around.  The whole display of this entitled religiosity is pathetic.  In fact, if one goes to the Charles De Gaulle airport these days, the area where the flights from the Muslim countries land is just like a third-world ghetto.  Anyway, so this man holds the entire crew to ransom over his so-called praying.  But the most bizarre thing was what he did right after getting up!

He actually punches the very steward who was overly considerate with him despite his vulgar show!

Somehow this video seems to show the inherent flaws in dealing with the Islamic mindset.  That mind just does not know grace or basic humanity.  It just thrives on conquest and aggression.  As this ex-Muslim from France says it:

The guy was arrested by the police while he resisted and hit the police officers.  In the US, if he was on the road and tried these stunts, he would have been shot!

And for this dastardly lout, the other passengers suffered as the flight had to be diverted.  As Tunis Tribune reports,

Here is the translation for those, like me, who are French-challenged.

This kind of nonsense that is being unleashed on non-Muslims around the world, specifically in Europe, is now giving birth to a sense of anger and backlash.  The patience is running thin now.  Check out this tweet and its translation.

If the Islamic world does not mend itself, then what will come down the line will be far worse than the crusades.  Syria and Iraq will seem like heaven!

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