Neo Christian Convert Bodyguard Shoots Judge’s Wife and Son Due to Religious Duty

Neo Christian Convert Bodyguard Shoots Judge’s Wife and Son Due to Religious Duty

We have often said at Drishtikone that Christian conversion is a national security risk.  Today it was apparent.

The bodyguard, constable Mahipal, who shot the wife and son of Judge Krishna Kant shot them in a busy market near South City-II in Sector 51 and characterized of his crime as“I have finally shot “shaitan and his mother.”

The police have found that this man was obsessed with his recent conversion to Christianity and was repeatedly quoting from the Bible and how it was the duty of every Christian to eliminate the demons!

The police have not been able to find any real motive except that he had been trying to convert the family to Christianity but was not succeeding. He had already converted 14 others including some CRPF men.

That he was fixated with Bible is obvious to the police who have not been able to find any reason other than religious fanaticism.

“Investigations are on and we are still to know the real motive. Yes, he had been speaking about the Bible,” said Commissioner of Police KK Rao.

This is the impact of conversions in India.  These neo-converts are charged with religious fanaticism, and hatred for whatever they stood for and whatever their culture was about is ingrained.  And the violent hatred that was ingrained in the converts in Europe to kill non-believers is inculcated in them as well.

The wife has died due to the injuries while the son is in a very critical state.

The critically injured mother-son duo was taken to Medanta Medicity. While Kant’s 37-year-old wife Ritu succumbed to her injuries late Saturday night, the condition of his 17-year-old son Dhruv, a Class XII student, is stated to be critical.

Innocent live – yet more – have been lost to the fanaticism of the converts.

Source: Swarajya

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