Noosphere: Are The Cloud, Collective Consciousness and The Singularity Intertwined?


The small and beautiful humbling forces for tranquility and peace include love, laughter, being grateful, showing respect and forgiveness. Tranquility and peace are important because they remind us of our connectivity with the Supra Universal Consciousness and with each other as One collective entity. If we look closely, the collective consciousness is rising all around us via the Noosphere.

The Cloud, Collective Consciousness and The Singularity

The Noosphere can be seen as the “sphere of human thought” being derived from the Greek vou? (“nous”) meaning “mind” in the style of “atmosphere” and “biosphere”. In the original works of Teilhard de Chardin as well as Vladimir Vernadsky, the Noosphere is the third in a succession of phases of development of the Earth, after the Geosphere — inanimate matter — and the Biosphere — biological life. Just as the emergence of life fundamentally transformed the Geosphere, the emergence of collective human cognition fundamentally transforms the Biosphere.


The Noosphere is becoming more evident via internet, web and mobile communities — manifest as Cloud Computing — which are ubiquitous and removing the separation imposed by distance, ie, we are all accessible and can access each other anywhere and everywhere, all at once, thereby displaying Quantum Entanglement type phenomena! As a result, increasingly one is showered with synchronicity reinforcing patterns of the unifying energy field — the Singularity — in everyone and everything: all manifest in real time as One. At the same time, the Great Reset in the global economy has synchronicity, severity, speed and scale that are historically unprecedented, resulting in a shift in collective consciousness. The natural turbulences and cascading effects from tornadoes and tsunamis, earthquakes and volcanoes are also unprecedented.


In the 21st century, we are much more connected with each other digitally and the spiritual or trans-physical connections, events, happenings — that have always been there — are beginning to demonstrate their own unifying presence via showers of synchronicity, that portend the Singularity via self-explaining signs or signatures. Those signatures come in the shape of events, happenings or connections that we may call “Haps!” Synchronicity is obvious with the rising level of individual and collective consciousness in regard to our holistic inter-connectivity in space and time enabled physically, digitally and through the primordial and ever present transcendental heightened connectivity. More connectivity creates the opportunity for more Haps taking place in unison.

Asymmetric Opportunities

Admittedly, the evolving asymmetric threats and black swan global crises pose some downside risks. However, what are the upside possibilities and asymmetric opportunities for humanity, which might emerge out of those crises? Historically, it is in times of war or crises of survival that humans find themselves able to rise above personal preoccupations and egocentric thinking to consider the ways in which humankind as a whole might rise above such events in common purpose and common effort. Some observations that came out of this collective thinking are as follows:

1. The “Age of Narcissism” is slowly but surely coming to an end as trans-national deep crises cut the model of “me-first and me-last” ranging from those events we are yet to see in the global financial markets, socio-economic systems, lifestyle experiments to health, well being and collective awakening;

2. The Metamorphosis of Narcissism, ie, Selfishness, towards the Golden Age of greater good and self-lessness is bound to prevail in the midst of a series of global and personal crises precipitated by ignoring natural laws, short term gain capitalism and neo-economic imperialism;

3. Evolution from an ego-centric self-gratification vision of the world towards collective-thinking and community betterment/survival shaped by global crises is increasingly becoming a necessity;

4. Elimination of the arrogant “I” and “short term gain” model of globalisation and capitalism towards the humbler “we” and “long term sustainability” foundations for a “Wisdom based Global Economy”, which has been the purpose and mission of the ATCA 5000, The Philanthropia and Holistic Quantum Relativity (HQR) all along, is becoming more manifest; and

5. The Noosphere’s — The Sphere of human thought’s — role is vast in helping to eliminate “manipulations, errors and omissions” by hierarchical authorities and to raise “collective consciousness” to reach the “Omega point” via the global internet, web and mobile technologies as well as inner spiritual progress. This provokes all to understand “who am I and what is my purpose?”

Omega Point

The French philosopher Teilhard de Chardin emphasises the way that geography and distance are eliminated as human minds coalesce to solve a problem or fight a common enemy eventually to reach the “Omega point.” Teilhard de Chardin said, “The age of nations is past. The task before us now, if we would not perish, is to build the earth.”

Infinite Field

The Noosphere’s emergence is transforming everything it comes into contact with. In this sense there is the idea of some universal energy field — Singularity — from which all this connectivity and unity is emerging very rapidly. The Noosphere can be thought of as a layer of the collective and connective mind(s) coalescing into one. Connective intelligence, collective intelligence, and corrective intelligence all unite through interaction in this emergent infinite field.


In Astrophysics, the Singularity is “A point in space-time at which gravitational forces cause matter to have infinite density and infinitesimal volume, and space and time to become infinitely distorted.” In Mathematics, the Singularity is, “A point at which the derivative does not exist for a given function but every neighbourhood of which contains points for which the derivative exists. Also called singular point.”

Bio, Info and Nano (BIN)

To us as humanity, the presence of the Singularity becomes obvious in the 21st century based on the collective and individual observation that a lot of technological trends are accelerating faster and faster. Look around you! Although there are a number of such trends that in and of themselves have the potential for deeply transforming our collective lives, the Bio, Info and Nano (BIN) instances are worth considering:

1. Bio-technology and Genetic Engineering: What happens as we are able to understand and to design genetically engineered organisms freely? And we make bodies or new life forms with whatever attributes we want, what next? What are the consequences — benign and diabolical?

2. Informatics and Artificial Intelligence: The pervasive anywhere anytime digital computing and connectivity via mobile telephones, the internet and satellite navigation has now created a holistic cybersphere where we live our visible and tangible lives both at the physical and non-physical levels simultaneously. What happens as computers become smarter than we are in certain critical areas? What happens as those computers are a million times smarter than any of us in certain critical areas? What can they do that we are not even able to comprehend?

3. Nanotechnology: This ultimately allows us complete control over physical matter, so that we can step-by-step build any physical object we may imagine or require via molecular assemblers, at near-zero marginal cost and locally. What are the implications in regard to de-globalisation?

Unity in Total Chaos?

The Singularity is both a potentially wonderful, but also a somewhat worrying Happening or “Hap” portending “Total Chaos” for those who may have concerns associated with the omni-presence of the benevolent Supra Universal Consciousness as the guiding force showering us with Synchronicity signatures in All instances. This is where the message of unity — like the universal spiritual messages of rejuvenation — becomes very important for humanity.

Singularity Point

The “point” of the Singularity is reached essentially when all of the scientific and technological innovation trends appear to go out of control at the human level, ie, they have moved beyond our event horizon, and we can no longer follow along any previous linear logic or understanding to comprehend their combined effects. That technological change is instantaneous, omnipresent, omniscient, and omnipotent, the characteristics of the Singularity and the Supra Universal Consciousness.

Relevance vs Redundancy

What, we might ask, if natural forces or the technology enabled systems decide that the majority of us are no longer relevant? We may not have the answer for this redundancy if we consider ourselves as separate from the unified holistic system. However, if we are willing to consider the Supra Universal Consciousness (SUC) as the Singularity itself — defined by our sum total collective consciousness manifest both within and without the universe — then that SUC is already providing clues via synchronicity showers that portend Itself, ie, the tangible arrival of The Singularity’s presence in our age manifest as “Self-Aware Supra-Intelligent Totally-Organised Chaos” which is timeless and existent simultaneously in the past, present and future.

Infinity Manifest

The Roman philosopher Cicero observed more than two thousand years ago, “Everything is alive; everything is interconnected!” or “Omnia vivunt, omnia inter se conexa!” In other words, the Singularity — the unifying energy field with infinite potential — has always been there. It will be easy for more and more to perceive that Singularity’s presence in the near future via its signatures that are showering all with synchronicity manifest events, ie, Happenings or just plain “Haps”! We are all conscious of the power of love and in that spirit let us contemplate peace, felicity and well being across the world as the “Haps” evolve us towards the Omega Point: Chrysalis to Cloud, Omniscience to Butterfly.

DK Matai’s Profile

DK Matai is an engineer turned entrepreneur and philanthropist with a keen interest in the well being of global society.

DK founded mi2g in 1995, the global risk specialists, in London, UK, whilst developing simulations for his PhD at Imperial College.  DK helped found ATCA – The Asymmetric Threats Contingency Alliance – in 2001, a philanthropic expert initiative to address complex global challenges through Socratic dialogue and joint executive action to build a wisdom based global economy.

ATCA addresses opportunities and threats arising from climate chaos, radical poverty, organised crime, extremism, informatics, nanotechnology, robotics, genetics, artificial intelligence and financial systems.

ATCA has 5,000+ distinguished members from over 100 countries:  including several from the House of Lords, House of Commons, EU Parliament, US Congress & Senate, G10’s Senior Government officials and over 1,500 CEOs from financial institutions, scientific corporates, NGOs and 750+ Profs from academic centres of excellence.

Philanthropy – DK co-founded The Philanthropia in 2005 – to include the Trinity Club, Syndicates and Ethical Investment Funds – with 1,000 leading philanthropists, family offices, foundations, private banks, NGOs and specialist advisors to resolve complex global challenges through collaborative & sustained efforts.  DK’s other voluntary interests are Sant Bani (Voice of Saints), a culturally diverse fellowship dedicated to the unity of humankind; World Future Council’s Board of Advisors and Donors; The Shirley Foundation; Oxford Internet Institute at University of Oxford; Tomorrow’s Company and The Trinity Forum, where he advises on a pro bono basis.

Honours – DK was selected to present knowledge management to The Queen in 1998 and mi2g won The Queen’s Award for Enterprise in the category of Innovation for Bespoke Security Architecture in 2003.  This led to a visit to Buckingham Palace, a celebration hosted at Lloyd’s of London, and by The Lord Mayor at Mansion House, followed by a joint visit to Zurich, Switzerland.

Innovation – DK spends about half of his time innovating with mi2g teams focused on digital banking, digital risk management and bespoke security architecture for major financial institutions, government agencies and multi-nationals in Europe, America and Asia.  DK believes passionately that the next generation of private and corporate banking involves the global safe custody of valuable data and intellectual property alongside financial deposits with “guaranteed security”.  D2-Banking is holistic and includes the online vaulting of genomic maps and medical records; art, photo, music and video collections; digital messages and personal files including wills, deeds and memoirs; and other intellectual property alongside traditional financial services.

Authority – DK is an authority on countering complex global threats; strategic risk management & visualisation; contingency planning; Information Operations (IO); electronic defence; biometric authentication; secure payment systems and Open Source hardened kernel solutions.  He is an invited contributor to defence and global security analysis in the UK, USA, EU, Canada, Switzerland, Japan and India.  mi2g intelligence has been cited by several government agencies including NISCC in the UK, FBI in the US and United Nations agencies in New York and Geneva.

Background – DK is a British subject, a Freeman of the City of London, a Liveryman of the Worshipful Company of Information Technologists, and a member of the Institute of Directors and The Institution of Engineering and Technology.  He has worked formerly in the R&D labs of IBM, Inmos, ST Microelectronics and Helvar Electrosonic on Massive Parallel Processing and supercomputing applications.  He enjoys meeting people, sharing thoughts, reading history and learning languages.  He is vegetarian, teetotal and an optimist.  He has lived in Asia, the Middle East, Europe and North America and he now lives with his family in Europe, with London as hub.

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