Oil munching bacteria BP's best mates

Last updated on Aug 27, 2010

Posted on Aug 27, 2010


Man is a wretched animal.  It can mess nature up for his own benefit.  Nature is still bountiful.  It just gives.  Recently, in probably the worst Oil disaster in history, millions of gallons of oil spilled all over the Gulf of Mexico from the BP oil leak. With such a tragic disaster occurring, there will undoubtedly have to be legal measures taken to investigate the cause of this incident and how it could’ve been prevented, as well as find maritime justice. Employing an Admiralty expert witness will definitely help with the legal proceedings into all kinds of oil spills.

It was sure that the clean up would be very expensive and messy.  But BP seems to have summoned Mother Nature to help out.  Millions of special bacteria called Oceanospirillales have infested that area and the oil plumes seem to be disappearing.  The bugs seem to have genes for processing oil.  They are so quick that by the time seawater samples from the oil spill area was taken to the lab, the basteria were done eating with the oil in them!

One can just imagine the feast these little creatures are having.  Given how they are, they must be looking around for all sorts of oil extraction pipeline for a drop of oil.  But as the oil spilled out, the ‘Inter-sea Bacterial Web” seems to have been activated and every Oceanospirillales worth his “oil” came rushing in to Gulf of Mexico.  This was the great Kumbaya moment for this little known community.

I don’t know about you, but if I were the BP CEO, I would do something for these creatures.  Not another oil spill.. but probably a special Oil Park in the middle of sea where they could go free of charge and have their fill sans a spill.

Meanwhile, I am sure the terrorists would have started spinning their own wheels for great ideas.  Why not drop a few of them in middle of a large refinery container?  Or in the container of the ship carrying the oil?  By the time the ship reached the other country, all it would have is water to deliver.. as our friendly Fat and Obese Oceanospirillales would be looking out at the bewildered inspection agents!

Its time nature uses its own employees – the oceanospirillales – to starve man of one of its most important gift in the recent times – Oil!

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