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Achievement and Leadership

The Amazing Living Bridges of Meghalaya

Meghalaya is a state which has the highest amount of rainfall in the world.  Cherrapunji holds a world record of the highest recorded rainfall.  In such a place, rivers are aplenty.  And trees as well.  When the entire land is crisscrossed with rivers – how do you build so many strong

22 Dec 12 3 min read

Oil munching bacteria BP's best mates

Man is a wretched animal.  It can mess nature up for his own benefit.  Nature is still bountiful.  It just gives.  Recently, in probably the worst Oil disaster in history, millions of gallons of oil spilled all over the Gulf of Mexico from the BP oil leak. With such a

27 Aug 10 2 min read

Tyre Tube Baby

Tyre Tube Baby It was already past eight at night and I scarcely was able to walk partly because of the dark and partly because of the fatigue both mental and physical. The mental fatigue was a resultant of human emotions and fears brought about by the multiple risk factors

21 Jun 08 7 min read

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