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Using King Cobras and Gharials to get River Pollution issue across: Romulus Whitaker TED talk

Here is a TED talk by Romulus Whitaker, who is a herpetologist and conservationist now residing in India.  He shares how King Cobra and Gharial – two iconic reptiles in India are being used by him to get his message across about the water pollution that we are doing.  His team inserts radio transmitters into King Cobras and even Gharial to see what they do.  And he was able to capture footage of a King Cobra, who only eats Pit Vipers (guy studying this particular animals quips “he probably does it for Nasha (High)!”).   In another footage you see a male King Cobra not mating with a female King Cobra but eating her up!!  As well as a wresting match between two King Cobras.

Its an extremely interesting talk.

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