Pak's Double Game of Terrorism!

This is the “inside story” of what the members of cabinet have come to know about the recent Delhi blasts.

Sherlock Holmes says to Dr. Watson in one of the stories: “When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however impossible, has to be the truth!”

Is a turnaround of Paki establishment EVEN POSSIBLE??  Only fools in India believe so!

The Union Cabinet on Sunday held Pakistan-based and supported groups responsible for the worst-ever terrorist attack in the Capital, which can have a fallout on the peace process with the neighbour.  Well-placed sources said that the Cabinet, after assessing the inputs from intelligence agencies, concluded that influential sections in the Pakistani establishment were behind the attack.  The top-decision making body felt that those responsible across the border were trying to send two distinct messages: to India that despite the earthquake, they retain the capability to strike at will in India; and to the world, that since they were still grappling with the enormity of their own tragedy, Saturday’s outrage was the work of indigenous groups. The second message ties into Pakistan’s larger propaganda that terrorism in India is a homegrown affair. The Cabinet was also informed about the widely suspected hand of Lashkar-e-Taiba, and that the intelligence/security agencies already had specific leads to work on.… read more

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