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Perfidy of Indian Leftists in Bengal: scenes of genocide in Nandigram on video

The note accompanying this movie says this:

This film is based on original video footage of 14 march killings of peasents, in Nandigram, West bengal. CPM, a left party Government is responsible for this. Spacial thanks to Bengali poet Wishwajeet sen for providing this film.

Now, look at how the “patriotic” and “champions of minorities and POOR” take care of the these people. See how the so called “anti-imperialists” do what imperialists and Mao/Hitlet/Stalin do in their worst times and MORE and YET talk hypocritically of their bloated egotistical “contributions!

Can any Bengali please send in a translation of all this into English?

Warning: The images are disturbing. Here police is seen firing and killing hundreds and thousands of people all on camera and then hitting them with stones and lathis! After they are done, they take a few bodies and dump them in a pit!