Why Police Shootings of Black Youth is the Curse of White Man’s Right to Second Amendment

Why Police Shootings of Black Youth is the Curse of White Man’s Right to Second Amendment

In the recent fatal police shooting of Keith Lamont Scott in Charlotte, North Carolina, a young man was killed within a few seconds, because (1) police thought he had a gun, and (2) he didn’t seem to be complying with the police.

The story seems eerily similar in most cases of shootings of black young by the police.

The black youth now doesn’t trust the police and the police justifies the shootings by saying that given the circumstances, one doesn’t know how things will turn out in case the person who is not cooperating turns violent specially when he has a gun.

When within a matter of few second, as the wife of the man kept shouting for him to cooperate and urging the police to not shoot him, a life was extinguished right in front of everyone’s eyes.  And that too when he was not really threatening!

Why did a living man had to die ONLY because of a perceived fear in the minds of the police he might have a gun that he could use.  Fear mind you.  He may not have actually had a gun!

So black young men hate police because they keep shooting them and police doesn’t know how to handle their work when they know that the “other person” may have a gun that they can use!

The Curse and Farce of Second Amendment

Many often wonder why Americans – someone like Donald Trump – are so hellbent on drumming up the Second Amendment and keep bearing arms.  Do you know the reason?  Here is the reason:

A well-regulated Militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed.
The Second Amendment is the most important right, because the Second Amendment keeps the government from being able to impose tyranny. Also the Second Amendment gives people the right to protect themselves, without the government being able to take the right away. Last without the Second Amendment all the others are useless, it is a guarantee to the people that we have the right to bear arms, it keeps the government from taking a way our rights, because we can resist.

Now, let us ask the basic question on this, at once the most idiotic and imbecile of rights anywhere on the planet – Pray, who decides that the government is indulging in tyranny?

What I mean is – is there a neutral and impartial body that will certify that the government has become tyrranical?  Is there a checklist?  Or some set criteria?  If I have missed the name of the Statutory or Global body which finally certifies an American government as tyrannical – then please send me the link.

If not, then it is pretty clear that it will be the SUBJECTIVE decision of those who CHOOSE to USE arms against an arm of the government.  Right?

And, unless that group which picks up arms announcing and decreeing that the government has since become tyrannical is 100% of the American population – how do they derive the right to fight the Government?!!

Further, if someone actually picks up arms against the government, and starts shooting say at Federal Agents or Police or say at the Government official, is it Exercising Second Amendment or Terrorism?!!

Please be VERY VERY VERY careful before you answer this question.  Because there ARE people who have shot federal agents, police and many others because – per them – the Government of US was tyrannical. A man – US Armed Forces major no less had deemed the US Govt as tyrannical and actually shot 13 people at a US Army base!  His name was Nidal Hasan.  But hey, wasn’t he a terrorist?!

Why was he a terrorist and not the greatest flag-bearer of Second Amendment?  After all, he decided – in absence of a statutory body to certify – that the US Government was tyrannical and gone about shooting those whom he thought were part of the tyranny.  Wasn’t that the plan under Second Amendment after all?

Or was he a terrorist because his name was Nidal Hasan and was a Muslim?  What if he was Nick Hampton?  And he picked up guns and shot down 13 at Fort Hood.  Would that have been fighting for Second Amendment?  And would that have let him go scott free?  Because.. err.. he was absolutely in line with the Second Amendment?

What if a Black man decides to do the same thing?  Pick up guns and start shooting the police as happened in Dallas – because the black man suddenly decided – again in absence of a certifying body on tyranny – that government was .. well… tyrannical!  Will he be kosher under Second Amendment?

Do you see the utter imbecility of Second Amendment’s arbitrary lunacy?

Now, think of this – IF.. there were no guns with the public, would the police have to shoot lest they think they would be shot at?  Wouldn’t that save lives and bring down crimes substantially?

Trust or no trust – lives will not be the currency of exchange!

How Second Amendment may be a Self-Inflicted Terror waiting to happen

The perfidious white supremacist idea of Second Amendment is that as long as a white man – a Christian at that – decides that the Government of the day is tyrannical – and shouts Second Amendment, it is all kosher and he can fight the government as he wishes.  (probably assuming that government will fight such a group with pistols and not rocket launchers or drone bombs, but that is another matter!)

Given that as it may, what if the terrorists assume that character – of red-neck white supremacist with guns while owing allegiance to foreign terror group and do what Second Amendment so eloquently pushes the US citizens to do – gun the damn government down?!!

Now, remember here that government is not some guy sitting somewhere who will raise his hand when you want to fight that tyrant called government.  It is not even the President.  It is the ENTIRE state machinery working as one!

So the Second Amendment flag-bearing Christian White Supremacist (anyone else is by default a terrorist) in his zeal can pick any part of the machinery to exercise his Second Amendment!  Even a police station or a federal office.  And start gunning his way to the Second Amendment Utopia!

Explain to me why that will be any better than terrorism?!  Try that you freaky imbecile morons!!  Or admit your utterly sub-amoebic level of IQ.

Featured Image Source:

(Courtesy David Goldman AP) Laquanda Multrie, of Charleston, S.C., holds a sign during a rally in North Charleston, S.C. on Friday, April 10, 2015 protesting the fatal police shooting of Walter Scott. Scott was killed by a police officer after a traffic stop on Saturday. Officer Michael Slager has been fired and charged with murder.

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