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Prabhu Chawla and Baba Ramdev: Elitist Egoes against simple sense

Just look at this video interview.  The interviewer is Prabhi Chawla – a senior journalist.  From the way he is conducting himself he seems like a sub par journalist wanna-be!

Take out the tags of Yoga/Guru/Economist – the way Baba Ramdev is arguing economics is powerful and knowledgeable.  The way he is analyzing would put any good MBA to shame!  It seems Chawla’s only beef is why is someone from the village who teaches Yoga even talking about Economics or Politics of Budget.  It is a pure Elitist viewpoint.  Like the Burra Sahib is aghast as to why a village bumpkin is in the same intellectual pursuit as him!

Ramdev says clearly that he pays taxes and he gets affected by what the Government does.. so he has a Constitutional Right to speak about it!  It just brings the nonsense and the idiocy going on in India.  Who decides who can or cannot speak on a topic?  What does Chawla has in terms of credentials to speak on economics or politics or ask the other of it?  At least certainly not his intellect!