Priyanka Vadra’s aides push kids to call PM Modi a ‘pimp’, while she laughs!

Priyanka Vadra’s aides push kids to call PM Modi a ‘pimp’, while she laughs!

In any political discourse, there is debate and argument and then there is humiliation and abuse.  What the opposition has throughout tried to do to PM Modi has been abuse and humiliation.

In a rather interesting reference to Congress, Arun Jaitley remarked that they have become a “Fringe party”.  And not because of the number of seats only.  But even more so because of their discourse and sides they are taking.

After abusing the PM to no end, even I was shocked when, in one interaction with the kids, Priyanka Vandra’s partymen encourage those little kids – probably no more than 10 years or so – to shout:

नीम का पत्ता कड़वा है
मोदी साला भड़वा है

(Neem ka patta kadwa hai, Modi saala bhadwa hai)

Neem’s leaf is bitter (just to create a rhyme), damn Modi is a pimp!

And, Priyanka is mockingly showing that she is shocked, while she is laughing.  And then she says – यह ठीक नहीं लगेगा  (this may not seem nice).

While her people were using little kids to hurl abuses  they don’t even understand mean, while she is laughing, her only thought is perception?  Not that it was wrong at so many levels!  Heck, in US, it may even be child abuse itself!

Now, while she was laughing mockingly at the bhadwa slogan, she was encouraging them to shout the “Chowkidar Chor hai” slogan.

The very slogan for which Supreme Court is lambasting her brother and Congress President Rahul Gandhi for.

They don’t respect the Supreme Court, for which they are getting a treatment that they fully deserve, but these shameless parasites on Indian nation are even fine to hurl abuses at the PM himself!

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