Is Russia reconstructing Soviet Union again?

Interestingly, Hillary Clinton has recently hinted that it may be happening.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said the United States was trying to prevent Russia and its allies from turning into something resembling the Soviet Union under the guise of economic integration.
“There is a move to re-Sovietise the region,” said the US Secretary of State. “It’s not going to be called that. It’s going to be called a customs union, it will be called Eurasian Union and all of that. But let’s make no mistake about it. We know what the goal is and we are trying to figure out effective ways to slow down or prevent it,” Hillary Clinton said in Dublin, as reported by the Financial Times.  It is noteworthy that the Secretary of State made this statement just a few hours before her meeting with Sergei Lavrov. She said it on the same day when the U.S. Senate voted for the so-called “Magnitsky act.”
And finally, one more thing – either by accident or not, Clinton made this statement on the eve of the anniversary of the Bialowieza agreement establishing the Commonwealth of Independent States. The agreement was signed by Boris Yeltsin, Stanislav Shushkevich and Leonid Kravchuk on December 8, 1991.

Sergei Lavrov is Russia’s Foreign Minister.  So her statements are pretty bold and also made at an interesting juncture, when China is asserting its dominance – given the recent Map row with several countries.

Source: Pravda

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