Sadhguru on Tukde-Tukde Gang: Use Law to take them Off the Streets!

Sadhguru on Tukde-Tukde Gang: Use Law to take them Off the Streets!

Spirituality is not about pasting a benign smile on your face and sitting under a tree without any action.  It is about doing the right thing that matters.  Taking humanity as a whole, what really matters?  That should be done in an unwavering manner.

That is very hard for some people to do.  Worse to swallow.

But if you cannot be truthful about the social situations, how can you be truthful to yourself about the existential situation?

One of my dearest friend recently asked – how can you reconcile your political interest with your spiritual pursuit.  To me, this question never occurred.  Because I have never seen these as different.  If I am seeking with ruthless questioning and honesty on the inside, that cannot and will not happen if I am dealing in falsehoods outside.

Only when I subject the outside and inside to ruthless analysis, can I get anywhere.  In my political analysis or in my spiritual pursuit.  That is why, usually those who were spiritually active could not but be politically active.  Unfortunately, that got lost in India.

Sadhguru is not of the benign types.  He says things the way they are.  So when asked on how to deal with the Tukde Tukde gang and those who are weakening India within.  He said with complete clarity – “Deal with them and take them off the streets”.

This obviously has not gone down well with those who are from the Tukde Tukde gang group, so they are up in arms on Twitter.  (Swara B / Kavita K)  Of course these ill-educated and morally dishonest bimbos hardly realize that what they say carries very little IQ or weight.  But be that as it may, the time has come to set the direction for the country.

This is a battle for the right eco-system.  And one ecosystem, in its bid for survival trivializes the very existence of the country because in their calculations, the enemy who takes over is either very far or will not harm them.  Hardly remembering the lessons of how invaders deal with the traitors once they have done their bidding.  Those who were doing this in Afghanistan prior to the whole Islamic takeover in the 1980s are no more there to see the devastation they would have caused for the dilly-dallying and politically correct ways that they would have been peddling.

In the realm of national security, there is no place for the indecisive, weak of heart or self delusional people.  Nation-hood needs clarity of perception.  And, that is what mystics and yogis like Sadhguru provide.

It is time to head.

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