Why Saints are Extremely Dangerous Spiritually

Why Saints are Extremely Dangerous Spiritually

While trying to get the word out about Sadhguru’s visit in Houston in 2012, I had an unusual exchange with a person.  I was suggesting that lady to come and at least be in the presence of Sadhguru to see if that helped.  In this world of Spiritual quackery with no way for normal people to even discern spiritual presence, it is tough to share the virtues of the “real thing”.  She obviously had other ideas and said – “Whatever I want for myself, I get from Sai Baba.  I ask him and he gives it to me.”  In that mode, when I am representing Isha, I obviously would not discuss any other being in a comparative discussion, but that sounded so ugly to me inherently, that I couldn’t stop myself.  So I countered in a way that obviously go well with that person.  When you are so deeply ensconced in untruth, even simple truth hurts terribly!

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Sai Baba is a great being, but giving you something is not his objective.  And what you need is not your forte’!  You get something from his because that is the gift of his presence, but something that will be dangerous for you if you ask for anything.  You should not ask for anything there, because in it will hurt you terribly in spiritual terms. – I said

“No, he gives everyone.. its not about me.  He loves to give to whoever comes to him”.

Then shame on him!  If he is using his being to do the giving of “goodies”, and having such spiritual attainment, then truly SHAME on him! – I said objectively.  That left no more room for discussion anymore. Obviously.

But there was no other way of saying it either.

Truth cannot be brought down, rather one’s own consciousness has to meet it where it resides.  And, this was one thing that seemed important enough to me to put in clear terms – even at the risk of sounding anti-social.  There is a difference between a Guru and a Saint.  And, one should be very clear about it.  Always, in India’s history, being with Saints for their good influence and Satsang (wisdom, for lack of better words) is highly encouraged.  But getting gifts/money etc was never encouraged.  One can easily see that in the innumerable stories and parables of the scriptures.  Somewhere this disease of gifts and wealth from the Saints became the objective.

It was obvious to me when I was having that conversation in Houston, that even if the Saint was not giving anything and his mere energies were conducive for one to bestow one’s wishes on him/herself, one should refrain from asking for anything material.  I understand that in our daily lives, with our responsibilities and so many challenges we do need help.  But we are not at a level to know what is eventually good for us.  Sometimes it is better to ask for the wherewithal to handle life situations than goodies that we think will help us.

The more material goodies we seek for ways to handle our situation, the more we narrow our vision of how life works.  Life and happiness do not need material goods to work, in fact it is the opposite at times.  Happiness comes from not being tied to things.  It comes more when we are freer of any limitations.  Unbeknownst, many of us seek money often to free ourselves from the limitations that our social situation puts us in.  Many times though, money isn’t the only thing that solves issues.  There could be other things and ways!  We have not seeked them because we haven’t looked beyond our dimensions.

And, that is where a Guru, a real and ruthlessly focused Guru, comes.  He is not a Saint.  He is not “benevolent” in a way that will align with your desires.  He is benevolent, but in ways that we will not fathom.  And that is good.

Saints who either by presence or by purpose “give” to people per their desires, are very dangerous.  They not just fix those people to the baser material level, from which they will never be able to come out unless they work doubly hard, but their whole idea of spirituality will be bastardized forever.  Through the subconscious memory in so many beings – and collective consciousness – they are perpetuating a narrative that will install Spiritual Quackery of the worst kind as the real thing.

Spiritual effort is existential.  It is foundational.  It is the very base of our being.  That is what needs to be touched upon.  If something that has been perfected over generations and many millennia to such amazing detail then it needs to be preserved.  And when the collective consciousness is perverted then even the most sacred and most amazing is dissected and broken up due to that perversion.  Saints are the purveyors of that perversion.  Strong comment.  But necessary and important.

People hungry for “solutions” to their sorry state may not know any better, but someone who has gotten to some attainment should know better.

Worst thing is that this perversion of the Spiritual is done with a great sense of righteousness!  Look at my posts on Nithyananda and the response from his followers when I called upon how the very narrative and understanding of the “Third Eye” was being bastardized.  And more importantly, something like Siddhi or Shakti was being given so much of importance!

Third Eye and Siddhis: Irresponsible and Ignorant Ways of Nithyananda and Followers!

The “Third Eye Awakening” Fraud and the Obnoxious and Abusive Nithyananda Followers

Of course, the impact of the Saints – who cannot be Gurus is more subtle and sometimes worse.  Because they penetrate in an even more subtle manner.

To understand the impact of those who purport to give gifts, one needs to listen to Sadhguru and the story he shares which was narrated by Shiva to Parvati.  It is very instructive!  Now, I want to clarify that Sadhguru would not approve of me naming or even sharing anyone’s name in any way of comparison with him or what he says.  But what I have shared in my post is my own understanding, which I am quite sure now, aligns with the pure spiritual understanding as well.  Because Shiva says it in very clear terms in the parable.

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